Wasted Words 4: Halloween Edition

Recommended Download: Originally performed by the Misfits, but AFI did it better. AFI – Halloween Bonfires burning bright. Pumpkin faces in the night. I remember Halloween. Dead cats hanging from poles. Little dead are out in droves. I remember Halloween. Halloween is upon us. Bonfires, trick or treating, costumes, caramel apples, popcorn balls, and most […]

Wulfgang Unleashes the Beast!

Wulfgang Unleashes the Beast! Ever since early 2003, Wulfgang has been putting blood, sweat, and tears into their forthcoming album, Unleash the Beast. After six solid months in the studio, the much-anticipated album was unleashed in stores across the South Eastern United States. At the same time of the release, the band also launched their […]

The Gut: World Series

The evil empire versus the small ball Marlins. Right now the Marlins have a three games to two lead on the New York Yankees and Mets, Red Sox, and Marlins fans around the country are celebrating. David beat Goliath, the Pats beat the Rams and James “Buster” Douglas beat “Iron” Mike Tyson so why cant […]

Wasted Words 3

Recommended download: Because fat chicks need love too…NOFX Hotdog in the Hallway *sarcasm on*Wow, such a huge response! Thanks guys! Those Halloween emails are just flying in here. I’ve received so many, I can’t decide which ones to use.*sarcasm off* That’s cool if no one wants to send anything. I just thought it would be […]


Ooh, what a pretty bunch of blocks! Shall I click one of those?! *CLICK! Several blocks disappear!* WHOA! Let’s make more blocks disappear! *CLICK! Some more blocks disappear* Yeah! I’m winning! I’m the greatest. Player. Of the greatest. Game. Ever!!! *CLICK! BOOM! You lose! Retry?* I LOST?! This game sucks! Worst. Game. Ever! *Throws computer […]

Open Mic w/ Bear Frazer: Numero Tres!

OPEN MIC W/ BEAR FRAZER Here I am, back once again, and rockin’ the open mic, like usual. While I got the mic, I wanna say that there has been such a lack of leaders out in the world today. I mean, what ever happened to the leaders who kept things real, who had nothing […]