Wulfgang Unleashes the Beast!

Wulfgang Unleashes the Beast!

Ever since early 2003, Wulfgang has been putting blood, sweat, and tears into their forthcoming album, Unleash the Beast. After six solid months in the studio, the much-anticipated album was unleashed in stores across the South Eastern United States. At the same time of the release, the band also launched their independent label, Midnite Records.

The lead off track, “Walls of Insanity” is a true head-banging anthem about frustration and uncertainty. JoAnna Brooks (lead singer) sings her lyrics with intensity, which perfects the melody nicely. The guitar riffs are right online with the pounding bass, which compliments the mood. The rhythm of the song just grabs your attention right off the bat. It’s no wonder why this is one of the band’s favorite tunes on the album.

One of the slower songs you’ll hear on the album is “For what it’s worth.” It almost sounds like early Metallica, somewhat similar to Metallica’s, “Unforgiven.” This song is great because you can feel a deafening emotion about turning your back on your loved ones to a bitter loneliness.

There are lots of other good songs. “Selfish Needs” talks about how a girl will do what she wants, even though someone who looks up to her feels hurt. The drums definitely keep the tempo going fast paced and unlike some other songs on the album, there are background vocals on the track. “Forever in my Heart” was a song inspired by all families with missing children. This is about a child who was kidnapped, wondering if he or she will ever be found and reunited with their parents. In addition to these, there are seven other songs on the album.

Throughout Unleash the Beast, the vocals are on key, the guitar solos are sweet, and everything lines up. The blend of hard late 80’s rock with dark interpersonal lyrics truly makes this album unique. I think it’s great, however I don’t dig every track on the album. Although some of the songs sound similar, Unleash the Beast is big step forward for this Indy band, Wulfgang. With this said, I give this album three stars. For more information about Wulfgang, visit www.wulfgang.com