Highlights from the Music Snob's Stash Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hello darling readers! Put on your pith helmets and crack open the vault because it’s time for another exploration into the deep dark depth’s of yours truly’s music collection. Today I am highlighting three of my most beloved albums which I could not possibly live without. “August and Everything”- Counting Crows When Mr. Jones came […]

Tangled Up in Bleu

I suffer from chronic foot in mouth syndrome when it comes to music. More than often I will judge music before I even listen to it because..well..i’m an idiot and a snob when it comes to music. It is very rare that I admit my problem, so what you are about to read is a […]

28 Days Later

Even thought we cling to the idea that only Hollywood blockbusters are the dominating force in movies that are deemed “good”. From my experience, this simply isn’t true. Many films come out of the indies with new styles of direction, a different perspective on filmmaking and a dose of life into innovation. The Blair Witch […]

Ravenous Movie Rants

Well. I’m back after a hiatus. I’m sure none of you missed me, but that goes without saying. I’ve decided, under the circumstances, to turn this column into a bi-weekly one. If I keep it weekly, I’ll be booted off the writing staff faster than you can say “COW MILK!” And as you can see, […]


Ooh, what a pretty bunch of blocks! Shall I click one of those?! *CLICK! Several blocks disappear!* WHOA! Let’s make more blocks disappear! *CLICK! Some more blocks disappear* Yeah! I’m winning! I’m the greatest. Player. Of the greatest. Game. Ever!!! *CLICK! BOOM! You lose! Retry?* I LOST?! This game sucks! Worst. Game. Ever! *Throws computer […]