About MediaRebellion

The site you have landed on is an archive of user-generated content.

What you see here started way back in 2002 as a bulletin board named ‘BaloolaPalooza’ that spun out of a Nintendo 64 pro-wrestling video gaming community.

During the lead up to the 2004 United States Presidential elections, we re-branded to ‘MediaRebellion’ and expanded to publish, largely unedited, user-submitted content of different political and social views along as well as pop-culture commentary.

The content you will find on this site is representative of the time and of the individuals who wrote each piece and may not be indicative of the values or beliefs these individuals hold today.

We are in the process of cleaning up these archives to improve access to them and correct formatting issues from the various migrations it has been through over the years.

If you were a contributor to this site and would like access to the archives, or would like to request the removal of one of your posts please reach out and we will be happy to oblige.