Confessions of a music snob

For those of you who don’t know me (i.e. most of you) I am a complete and utter (and perhaps simply self proclaimed) music elitist. I scoff upon hearing “I listen to the radio.” There are some bands in my collection that nobody, save me and a lucky few, have ever even heard of.
Musically speaking…
Pretentious? You bet!
Elitist? Abso-fuckin’-loutely
Snob? You better believe it Buck-o!
Usually, when turning on the radio I cringe at the musical diarrhea that comes cascading out of the speakers. I mean for god sakes how the hell did a harpy like Avril Levigne get a record deal? Why is it that every song on “alternative radio” sounds like everyone is doing a really bad Eddie Vedder impression?
However, way deep in my persona, there lies a deep dark secret.
I kind of like some of this shit.
Yes, dear readers. Every so often there comes along a few songs which make me sing along. These songs I will think about, and hum to myself. These are the songs I will download off Kazaa and then hide in a secret folder so I can listen to them while nobody else is around, so my ruse will not be found out.
Why go through all this trouble?
I have a reputation to keep up!
So now, in an unprecedented move on my part, I will share with my adoring public (I’m kidding) my picks for the best songs on alternative radio these days, and if you haven’t given them a listen, I highly recommend you check out.
3 Doors Down- “Here without you”
Yes, they wrote that stupid Superman song. But the combination of the beautiful melodies, complimented with the poignant lyrics makes this song one that I enjoy when it’s raining outside and I haven’t changed out of my p.j.’s. Maybe it’s the emo bitch inside of me which finds this song as delightful as I do, but I don’t care. Once the chorus hits, it sends a chill up my spine which makes me want to run towards a tall skinny tattooed man in a bus station and share a sweet kiss. (I am delusional, I understand that, and I move on..)
Fuel- “Falls on me”
I was a fan of Fuel back in the 7th grade when “Shimmer” came out. I had not heard anything new from them in quite a long time, until there I was sweeping the floors at work when this song came on the radio. I have no idea what it is I like about this song. I guess I like the guy’s voice. Maybe it’s the hook the chorus has. Maybe its just nostalgia for days gone by, but whenever I hear this song, I am glad it got put into the rotation.
Any song by Audioslave is good. I downloaded the entire album onto my computer, and I must say I’m not exactly that embarrassed to listen to them in company. Why do I like Audioslave? Well let me break it down for you. Soundgarden= Good. Rage Against The Machine= Good. Soundgarden+ Rage Against The Machine= Awesome!
That’s it. I’m a tad embarrassed, but hey, I had to get it out somehow.
Until next week
X’s and O’s my kiddies!

2 replies on “Confessions of a music snob”

“Here Without You” by Three Doors Down is a great song. That new Fuel song isn’t bad either, but I can’t stand Audioslave.

“here without you” is ok. i happen to love audio slave, saw them in concert, they were incredible. i agree, a mix of two of the most awesome bands of my generation cannot be a bad thing!

the column is hysterical, i love the title. i know so many people who are music elitists and deny they have any prejudices, its refreshing ti hear from someone who doesnt give a shit!

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