Open Mic w/ Bear Frazer: Numero Tres!


Here I am, back once again, and rockin’ the open mic, like usual. While I got the mic, I wanna say that there has been such a lack of leaders out in the world today. I mean, what ever happened to the leaders who kept things real, who had nothing to hide from the world? What ever happened to the leaders who cared about individuals and the problems they endure, better yet, what happened to leaders trying to help them through it? What happened to leaders who weren’t afraid to speak their mind, who weren’t afraid to say words that got others thinking? Seems to me, most of these leaders were over run by jerks with fake plastic smiles. Well, all I gotta say is that I’m still here. Some jerk with a fake plastic smile didn’t over run me, for here I am still standing. And since I have yet to have been knocked down, I am officially gonna pronounce myself as the Voice of the People. I will lead this new revolution! BOO YA! And with that said, read on!

Since I was just talking about things that are fake and disturbing, let me talk about the Jerry Springer Show. Back in 1998, this show used to be the sweetest thing on television, no joke. It was controversial, diverse, believable, and there were sexy strippers on the show. Oh god, has that changed! Nowadays, every time my remote stops on the show, I see the biggest pieces of white trash with three teeth talking about how they cheated on their spouse. It’s like the producers of the show go to Uglyland, find the fattest slobs on earth, dress them like red necks, and give them some sort of scenario where they cheated on their wives. What makes it even more stupid is that the people stutter and stop in mid sentence. It’s like watching the Beverly Hillbillies on crack, although I’ve never done crack. Bottom line is this: I get stupider every time I watch the Jerry Springer Show.

Over fall break, I had a lot of time off. I went to my parent’s house in Virginia and there wasn’t really too much to do. So, what did I do? I watched MTV … a little too much MTV. I got re-addicted to the Wade Robson Project. I’ve been watching this show for the past month and I am always impressed with the dance moves the dancers pull of, for real. I remember the first dancer I saw on the show, Tyler Banks. I knew from the second I saw him that he was going to win, I swear to God. Literally, dancing is such a skill and talent, it’s amazing, and those who can do it, especially to choreography have got a gift. But, after the finale was over, a new show appeared on MTV … Camp Jim. Camp Jim is a reality show where cheerleaders are chosen to go to Camp Jim for two weeks and work on their cheerleading skills. I always liked cheerleading because of two reasons. One reason is because it promotes school spirit and secondly, for the females! Boo Ya! I like this show because it actually reveals the little skill cheerleading requires. All it seems like is jumping, synchronizing your arms, and having pep. Finally, a show that proves us males right (just for the record, I like the skill of cheerleading)! Also, Jim is a funny dude. The show is cool (but not as cool as Seinfeld), so check it out.

The biggest buzz right now has to be about Napster. After being shut down two years ago, some would never have thought that the file-sharing service would open up again. Well, surprise-surprise, it’s coming back on October 29th. This is how Napster 2.0 will work: songs will cost 99 cents a download, an album will cost $9.95, and for a monthly fee, you can download unlimited songs for $9.95. The music quality is supposed to be incredible and the download time should be quick. I think that this is a great idea, no joke. I mean, there have been so many lawsuits going on by these media companies suing old ladies and little girls for downloading a song, and it will only continue. My advice to anyone wanting to download music is to register with Napster and take the monthly fee, so this way, you can download as many songs as you want and not get sued. For anyone who wants to download a song, check out “This Time” by Depswa.

I want to publicly thank OutKast, Dave Matthews, Limp Bizkit, and Ludachris for knocking Hillary Duff’s, Metamorphous, out of the number one slot of the Billboard 200! You all have made me a very happy man!

The band, Prodigy, who is known best for their songs, “Breathe,” and “Smack My Bitch Up,” have pushed back their latest album. Their newest album, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned is still being worked on. The planned released date is unsure, although the band expects it out in May 2004.

The Source Awards was just recently held in Miami. 50 Cent took home two of the biggest awards of the night, including Single of the Year for Males for “In Da Club,” and the Album of the Year for Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Other winners were Nelly, who won the Male Artist of the Year Award and Lil’ Kim who nabbed the Female Artist of the Year Award. However, the most appealing thing to me happened when Ja Rule got booed … twice. His first jeering came when he didn’t accept the Rap/R&B Award for ” Thug Lovin’” (although he says he was getting ready for his performance backstage) and the second one came at the end of his performance. I mean, Ja Rule has rap skills, but he totally lost his street credibility when he sold out and collaborated on several pop songs. It’s like every song he did for three years straight was a pop song, and he should have expected the hardcore rap fans to be distraught by this. And P.S., the songs Ja Rule did with Ashanti and J’Lo sound the same practically … he said almost the same shit. Come on!

And on a final note, Blink 182’s new album comes out on November 18th and it won’t be called Use Your Erection I and II. Instead, the album will be … untitled. What, did you expect me to say more about this?

I hope you enjoyed this issue of Open Mic and if you didn’t, well … I really don’t care. Later.