What in God's name is wrong with us?

(Guest Author: “The Magic Ninja” Joey Tesauro) So last week was a day of rejoicing for Xbox gaming geeks such as myself. The most recent addition to the infamous series of video games Grand Theft Auto was finally ported to the big green machine after being a Playstation2 exclusive since it’s initial release last October. […]

Council of Elders

(By Guest Author Connor Cleary) Once there was a town, this town was run by a council of elders. The elders could only achieve a position on the council by gaining the respect of the people. The town lived happily and the people were free, other than the basic rules that any society must live […]


(By Guest Author ‘Karnage’) What up? This is Propagation. I would like to all to sit back, grab a beer.. uh.. beverage, a snack or two and just relax as you read through the following finger-to-keyboard action that made this column possible. What is Propagation? Well, according to the Webster dictionary– dictionaries are boring. Propagation […]

Untitled on Life

(By Guest Author Lara) Imagine, if you will, that you’re in my place for a minute. You’re sitting behind the store that your family owns and operates, which you hate. Your dad just got done yelling at you for something you didn’t even do. You have teachers breathing down your neck; you’re trying your damnedest […]

The Decay of Society: Videogames in America

(By Guest Author ‘Chaos’) Videogames have vastly changed over the period of time that they have existed, since the days of the Atari 2600 and the arcades. Technology has vastly improved the performance of the games as well as the graphical realism and quality. Technology isn’t the only thing that has changed videogames, however. Some […]

Open Mic w/ Bear F'N Frazer: Contra-Celebrity

Controversy is something that surrounds us. Society places celebrities on a pedestal and talks all high and mighty about their new Hollywood attribute. However, when media exposes this new-found star and puts them under the bright lights, it allows our new accused TV sensation to get criticized by the society that made them. It’s like, […]

Playa Propaganda Volume I: "Speak Up, Ladies!"

Hey everyone! Welcome to my second BP hosted column, “Playa Propaganda!” Now, I know this hasn’t got anything to do with Entertainment, however, it is some ordeals and issues the need to address. By the way, this is solely my opinion and does not reflect the opinions of the great staff at BaloolaPalooza.com. PLAYA PROPAGANDA […]