Open Mic with Bear F'N Frazer – Holiday Inn Style

Ladies and Gentlemen, I said, Ladies and Gentlemen! Can I get you all’s attention? I would like to introduce to you … the world’s best and sexiest writer ever … Bear F’N Frazer!

Here I am, folks. Man, I have been so busy as of late. I mean, I just had to deal with finals and do some last minute things for people, and lets not forget holiday shopping, so I’ve been running around the East Coast faster than a whore on a Cross Country Team, for real. But have no fear, for Bear is here! See, although my absence have been conspicuous like somebody stealing cookies from a cookie jar, I have been in the works on writing one of BaloolaPalooza’s mainstream features! See, sometime in January, I will be posting what I feel are the Top 22 Albums since 1990. That will be taking up a ton of time, so although this whole weekend update thing may not be in full effect, I want you all to know that your faithful leader IS HERE TO STAY and is fighting off evil villains, politicians, Howard Dean supporters, and all 12 year-old boys off my streets, my ghettos, and my website in the sake of BaloolaPalooza.

Since it’s the season to celebrate holidays, I figure why don’t I write this column about the holidays, hence Holiday Inn Style. I figure to make this Open Mic a bit different from the rest. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still gonna give you all my opinion, but not necessarily focusing all on Entertainment, but my personal needs as well.

So, everybody has been making up a Christmas List. I am sure everyone is asking what I want for Christmas. Well, here are the Final Four things of what is on my list.

1.) John Cena Action Figure (Ruthless Aggression Series 5) – See, John Cena is my favorite WWE Superstar, but there is one thing that pisses me off: let me tell you the story. For the longest time, John Cena has been saying that he is an incredible MC. Ill be the first to admit, Cena has skills. He raps on television, he raps in the locker room, and he even raps in the studio, because he has finished recording his album. I’m actually cool with that … but what makes me mad is that he battle raps people outside the Arena after the show. I mean, let’s face it; if you saw a wrestler or somebody you thought was awesome, wouldn’t you try to imitate them, especially if the person is a rapper? I mean, you probably got some cracka ass kid who has no rapping skills walking up to Cena and spitting a nursery rhyme. They’ll probably do that just to meet Cena and maybe, they think, “Since Cena is white, then I can rap.” Well, let me tell YOU something, Mr. Cena! I refuse to let you think every white boy can rap! I want to be the one to put him in his place. But, since you never come to North Carolina and because I’m a college student, chances of me battle rapping you are slim, so I have to do the next best thing: Find a John Cena Action Figure. I have been looking for this damn John Cena doll since Thanksgiving. THANKSGIVING, PEOPLE! I have traveled for about three different Wal-Mart locations, Toys R Us, Kay Bee, and my girl went to a few stores in North Carolina. The figure ain’t there. All I know is this: John Cena is in hiding and if somebody can go into a sewer and find him, then I will handsomely reward them with a five dollar bill.

2.) A Glow-in-the-Dark Condom – I think this is something everyone can in some way, shape, or form, relate to. I personally love blacklights and loud music. When you have both blacklights turned on and the stereo on blast, you just feel like moving, whether it is dancing, moshing, skanking, jumping, shaking your head, or fucking. The human eye appeals to colors, no joke. When somebody sees a light, then their eyes tend to gravitate toward it to find out, what the hell it exactly is. They’re all like, “Oooooh … sooooo shiny … can I touch? Come to mama …” Now this is to my brothers. Imagine if you got this hot looking chica, with the perfect body, and the killa mentality. You think you can score and you just happen to have a party in your pants. How can you spice that party up? Grab a condom! But … how could you make it more interesting and appealing? A … Glow-in-the-Dark Condom!. You put that on your ding dong and then, walk up to the girl. Her eyes are going to gravitate towards it with ease and she will probably smile (if you’re big like me, she will definitely smile). And, let’s face: once the girl sees the glowstick, then the party is on! That would be fuckin’ cool!

3.) A pair of Oakley – This is definitely a big thing for me, people. I have wanted a pair of Oakley Sunglasses ever since 8th Grade. This has been on my Christmas List every single year. I always wanted to go to the beach or just to the mall, or for that matter, anywhere at anytime when the sun was out, and when it shi-ines … on my face. I would slap on my pair of $100 Oakley Sunglasses and send the sun off to another galaxy. But, that has always been the problem. I simply refuse to pay $100 for any single product … any single product. No way, Jose! I go to Santa every year, hoping my parents would buy me those sunglasses. The best thing about sunglasses though is that you can wear them year round … even in the winter. So if there is a bad Jerry Springer Show on and you don’t want to watch it. Put on those sunglasses. Hey, remember that Lil Bow Wow Video? Let me put on my sunglasses … oh what! Where’s Bow Wow Now? Hey, if you are sitting down and you see that girl who always has those nasty gritty teeth and that messed up mole on her cheek … put on those sunglasses. “Hey, you talkin’ to me? Where are you? I’m blind, child!” That is the best. “I’m right here … you can’t see me!” See, Oakley’s can make your life and mine, much much better!

4.) One More Giant Size Mirror – There are so many people in our society who just hate the way they look. They look into the mirror and see some disgusting freak of nature who shouldn’t exist. Either they are ‘too fat,’ or ‘too ugly,’ but to me, it’s all the same. So what do they do? They probably grab a razor and shave their armpits or slice their wrists (but if you are my ex girlfriend, you’ll shave that mustache). I mean, nowadays, everybody is all about change. Change this, change that, change, change, change. I’m not knocking down change. I ain’t hatin’ on change, because, after all, change is a good thing, nay, it’s a beautiful thing! However, change is only good when you are comfortable with yourself. See, if you are comfortable with yourself, you are calm. When you are calm, you know the terrific features about you that make you shi-ine and, you know your problem areas or your flaws (like having a mustache thicker than Hitler). But when you’re aggravated, frustrated, and complicated, then you tend to blow things out of proportion like you are some sort of drama queen like Susan Lucci. See, that is what Michael Jackson did. He was always a freak of nature and his father always knew this, by calling him ugly and bottle nose all the time. So, Michael Jackson changed. He got rid of his afro and did the one thing a black man never really successfully did before: grow long straight hair. Then, he did something else a black man never really successfully did before: change his nose into what looks like a test tube. And finally, he took that last step a black man has never (and probably will never) has done (or never wanna do) before: change his skin color and officially becoming the first black individual to turn into a white person. All of this has happened because Michael Jackson is a man who is very uncomfortable with who he is. I remained calm and look at me: I am the sexiest man alive. Because I am comfortable with myself, I want one more giant size mirror so I can stare at myself whenever I want. So, to all the young people reading my article – be happy with who you are. You could end up sexy like me or you could end up unhappy, looking like Michael Jackson. And watch it, because you could be spending a sleepover with him as well. I chose not to go the same path as Jackson

There is only one way to end this column! I’m Santa Bear F’N Frazer! I must give some gifts out to celebrities worldwide!

Michael Jackson – Michael Jackson has been a naughty little boy this year. This year, I got him a mannequin of a twelve-year old boy so technically, he can’t break the law. They can even sleep in the same bed, legally!

Hillary Duff – For Hillary Duff, I plan to give her a bicycle. Scratch that, I heard she was a bicycle. Maybe I’ll just give her a Glow-in-the-Dark condom instead.

Hillary Clinton – She uses her hands a lot to feel herself up. To save her some trouble, I decided to give this feminazi a lighter. Now, when she burns her bras, she won’t have to use matches.

Kelly Clarkson – She has been one messed up baby. I believe she’s done crack or coke, or something. There is only one thing she needs from Santa Bear F’N Frazer. Let me reach into my bag and pull something out, oooh! Well, what do we have hear? Yes, here Kelly. This is a new voice. It seems like yours sucks nowadays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Justin Guirani – Is that even how you spell his name? You know, that guy from American Idol WHO LOST to Kelly, I don’t know? He was in that movie? No? Well, I got him a loaded gun with a manual on how to shoot himself in the head. Hopefully, a few minutes after this column goes up, we will have a new headline which reads, “Dumb Pop Star attempts suicide … and misses target.” Yea, I said misses. He’s a dumbass … he’ll probably aim for his head and shoot the kitchen sink. God, pop stars are so dumb.

Frodo from Lord of the Rings – Santa has a very special gift for you, little boy. Santa got you a box of Kleenex Tissues because every scene you are ever in, you always cry, even if nobody says a freakin’ word.

Nat X (Chris Rock) of Saturday Night Live – Santa has a very special gift for you. Santa got you 63 Million Gallons of Gasoline and a couple sets of matches, so you can sneak on Captain John Luke Piccard’s Starship Enterprise and light the whole bitch on fire. Santa knows that they tend to show African-Americans in a negative light on that shot. Do it for Santa Bear F’N Frazer my Nubian Soldier. Black Power (raises fist).

And last, but not least, for fellow BP Staff Member, Aaron Rhoades (Gambino), Santa Bear F’N Frazer bought him several items. The first is alcohol so he can get so shitfaced that he can’t see straight. Then, Santa got him a paper bag so he can put it on Kelly Osbourne’s face. Then, he gets an extra-strength Trojan so he can get wild with Kelly Osbourne. Santa also bought him a toothbrush with a tube of Crest so he can brush the taste of Kelly’s breath out of his mouth. Lastly, Santa Bear F’N Frazer bought him a dime bag so he can laugh and forget about Kelly Osbourne and he wacky and snobby behavior.


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Open Mic W/ Bear Frazer

Holiday Season; one has to love it. It’s time to get ready for the Holidays to come, to spend time with friends and family, eating semi-decent food (instead of the caf�) and one month off from school. The bad part; final exams. I know everybody is going to be going through them soon enough, so I wish everyone good luck on the finals. In the meantime, read on, because I know you will. Like always, when Bear Frazer’s name is on anything, it means quality. BOO YA!

I would like to state that the Pfeiffer Review (literary magazine) will be coming out shortly. Their editor, Debbie Douglas did a mighty fine job with it. Here’s a big reason to check it out: I am in it! I won a poetry contest last semester and my poem, “Tunnel Vision” won the contest. You know what that means, right? That means Bear F’N Frazer is taking over the whole F’N world! Mwuahahaha!

Wes Borland (former Limp Bizkit guitarist) has been keeping somewhat of a low profile as of late. After one year of searching for lead singers, he has yet to found one, and this is what led to his decision to put his music project, Eat The Day, on the shelf. He felt none of the potential singers were right because, “no one was right for a long-term commitment.” Very well, but even though he has temporarily moved Eat The Day to the backburner, Borland is looking at a career of producing. He has been working with Danny Lohner to produce music for the “Underworld” soundtrack. He’s also been in talks to work with rock acts such as Evanescence, Trust Company, and Keith Flint from Prodigy. I think this is a good step for Wes, no doubt about it. Honestly though, he has so many fans of his guitar playing. He has such a style when he plays and performs that he just grabs the crowd. I know a lot of fans want to see him back, including me. I hope he finds a lead singer soon and gets Eat The Day going.

In other news, it is official; Suge Knight no longer owns the worst record label name. Irv Gotti and Ja Rule have that claim of fame now, as they officially changed the name of their label, “Murder Inc.,” to simply, “The Inc.” I would inform all of you as to why there is a name change, but Irv Gotti has yet to release a comment. My guess is that his role model is Suge Knight. Originally, Suge changed “Death Row’s” name to “Tha Row,” so Irv Gotti must be following in his footsteps. Before you know it, Irv Gotti will probably start beating the crap out of his employees like Suge Knight has in the past. Ashanti will probably be whacked first out of “The Inc.,” crew of artists. Maybe Irv will copy Suge to a tee and go to jail. Now wouldn’t that be great? HOLLA!

There is a movie out called “Tupac Resurrection.” Right now, that is the only movie I would want to see that is out in theatres. What I’m wondering about is whether or not this is a sign of things to come. Confused? Want some clarity? Fine, here’s your stinkin’ clarity. There has been a huge rumor going around since Tupac Shakur’s death that he is alive and will one day return. Little funny that this movie is coming out around the same time Tupac is supposed to reappear. Makes ya wonder, doesn’t it? Just something you should think about.

Cypress Hill is back in the studio right now, recording their follow-up to their 2001 album, Stoned Raiders. The group will be doing a little bit of experimenting with their new album, Till Death do us Part, by adding a bit of a reggae feel to their songs. Reggae is starting to get big too … once Sean Paul came out with his album, Duty Rock, a revolution of sorts began. You can expect about five of them to be straight up reggae and the other ten to be straight up hip-hop. The reason why the band hasn’t made another album is due largely in part to expand their musical horizons, which I completely understand. Let’s face it; when there is a group who has been together for fourteen years like Cypress Hill, you can only play the same style of music for so long. There have been tons of bands who have crossed over into various genres of music and styles. Take Incubus for example. S.C.I.E.N.C.E. was pretty heavy, Make Yourself was more mellow, and Morning View was light rock, or what I like to call, “beach music,” and god, that album really annoyed me for a while. Limp Bizkit has even gotten heavier with their new stuff. I’m looking very forward to this album because I’m a big Cypress Hill fan. I saw an awesome quote on that perfectly describes them and it goes like this: “Roots, reggae, marijuana, and the whole feel has always been synonymous with Cypress Hill.” If that isn’t true, then what is?

That’s it for this issue of Open Mic. I’m hoping everybody has a Happy Holiday, and just like always, if you don’t agree with what I say (not that I could care less), then send a letter to the editor to And, if you don’t like that, then obviously … YOU CAN’T SEE ME!

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Review: Limp Bizkit – "Results May Vary"

Almost three years has gone by and all music fans have heard from limpbizkit was talk: talk about their new guitarist (Mike Smith), talk about album titles, and talk about Fred Durst (limpbizkit Singer) about having crushes with certain females in the music industry. Nearly three years after they released The Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water, limpbizkit unleashed their latest album in stores on September 23rd, 20003, Results May Vary. This album by far has been the biggest test the band has faced because they don’t know how music fans will respond to an album that did not include their original guitarist (Wes Borland) and they don’t know how fans will like their new style, appropriately named Results May Vary.

Before I go into the music of the album, let’s discuss some of the background on it. The cover of the CD Case is green and features Fred Durst screaming with the limpbizkit logo and album title on the upper right hand corner. The actual CD itself is white and has red writing on it in the form of a road sign. Once you take the disk out of the case, it shows pills in a bottle, revealing that once you open the CD, you consume what it contains. The new guitarist is Mike Smith from the band “Snot,” and the group has changed the spelling of their name; it is no longer spelled Limp Bizkit, but as one word with all the letters in lower case: limpbizkit.

The lead off track is “Eat You Alive,” which is a song about how badly a man wants to get with a chick (maybe for the wrong reasons) who doesn’t like him, but the man still has eyes for her. The song contains mostly heavy riffs, singing, and screaming, which hasn’t been typical for the band, which usually has mellower sounds and rapping. The video features the band performing in almost utter darkness. There is a lady who is tied up to a chair while Fred Durst yells the lyrics to her in his megaphone. It is an interesting video, to say the least.

The next single on the way is a cover of The Who’s, “Behind Blue Eyes.” In my opinion, it sounds similar to The Who’s version, but with a more modern sound, one that limpbizkit pulls off.

One of the catchiest tunes on the album is “Red Light-Green Light” by limpbizkit and Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg stepped into the studio with Fred Durst and they were freestyling the song. Snoop didn’t even have to write his lyrics on paper; he constructed his rap in his head. The hook is what I enjoy. As Fred and Snoop trade off rapping, “Red Light-Green Light, Red Light-Green Light, Red Light-Green Light, Red Light-Green Light, Red Light-Green Light, You ready to roll? Tell me when you’re ready to go, Tell me when your ready to roll.” Once this is rapped, it gets stuck in your mind … or mine at least.

There are some other songs I thoroughly enjoy on this album. These happen to be the three harder songs, which involve rapping on the album. “Gimmie a mic,” has hard guitar riffs and screaming in it, which talks about Fred wanting to grab the microphone and lashing out at people who get under his skin. “Phenomenon” is about what people think is about Fred but he says he’s just a phenomenon. Lastly, “Creamer (All Radio is Dead)” has a calm and eerie sound to it and it’s like Fred is talking to a kid he is angry at about his past. It seems that he is mad about how much things have changed and he seems like he is taking his verbal abuse on the kid. With the lyrics like, “So you think that you’re all that and some, I got news for you,” it hints to me that this kid from the past he is talking to could indeed be himself. Fred Durst has said in numerous interviews that he has made peace with himself, so this song could be an example that he knows he has thought highly about himself but is no at peace with his past.

Overall, I had mixed thoughts on this album: my end result had varied. I like parts of the album and I think the writing did better. I feel limpbizkit has evolved, but I did not feel every song on the album. Results May Vary has been the second limpbizkit album that did not go platinum immediately or score number one on the Billboard 200 Chart. The last time this happened was in 1997 when they released their debut album, Three Dollar Bills, Y’all! (The albums scoring #1 and going platinum were their second album, Significant Other and their third album, Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavored Water). This could be due to the reason of Wes Borland leaving and/or lack of proper advertising, and I say this because I’m a huge limpbizkit fan and I forgot when their album came out (If I don’t know, then who does?). After this extensive review, I give limpbizkit’s Results May Vary 3 Stars.

-To find out more about limpbizkit, go to or

Wulfgang Unleashes the Beast!

Wulfgang Unleashes the Beast!

Ever since early 2003, Wulfgang has been putting blood, sweat, and tears into their forthcoming album, Unleash the Beast. After six solid months in the studio, the much-anticipated album was unleashed in stores across the South Eastern United States. At the same time of the release, the band also launched their independent label, Midnite Records.

The lead off track, “Walls of Insanity” is a true head-banging anthem about frustration and uncertainty. JoAnna Brooks (lead singer) sings her lyrics with intensity, which perfects the melody nicely. The guitar riffs are right online with the pounding bass, which compliments the mood. The rhythm of the song just grabs your attention right off the bat. It’s no wonder why this is one of the band’s favorite tunes on the album.

One of the slower songs you’ll hear on the album is “For what it’s worth.” It almost sounds like early Metallica, somewhat similar to Metallica’s, “Unforgiven.” This song is great because you can feel a deafening emotion about turning your back on your loved ones to a bitter loneliness.

There are lots of other good songs. “Selfish Needs” talks about how a girl will do what she wants, even though someone who looks up to her feels hurt. The drums definitely keep the tempo going fast paced and unlike some other songs on the album, there are background vocals on the track. “Forever in my Heart” was a song inspired by all families with missing children. This is about a child who was kidnapped, wondering if he or she will ever be found and reunited with their parents. In addition to these, there are seven other songs on the album.

Throughout Unleash the Beast, the vocals are on key, the guitar solos are sweet, and everything lines up. The blend of hard late 80’s rock with dark interpersonal lyrics truly makes this album unique. I think it’s great, however I don’t dig every track on the album. Although some of the songs sound similar, Unleash the Beast is big step forward for this Indy band, Wulfgang. With this said, I give this album three stars. For more information about Wulfgang, visit

Open Mic w/ Bear Frazer: Numero Tres!


Here I am, back once again, and rockin’ the open mic, like usual. While I got the mic, I wanna say that there has been such a lack of leaders out in the world today. I mean, what ever happened to the leaders who kept things real, who had nothing to hide from the world? What ever happened to the leaders who cared about individuals and the problems they endure, better yet, what happened to leaders trying to help them through it? What happened to leaders who weren’t afraid to speak their mind, who weren’t afraid to say words that got others thinking? Seems to me, most of these leaders were over run by jerks with fake plastic smiles. Well, all I gotta say is that I’m still here. Some jerk with a fake plastic smile didn’t over run me, for here I am still standing. And since I have yet to have been knocked down, I am officially gonna pronounce myself as the Voice of the People. I will lead this new revolution! BOO YA! And with that said, read on!

Since I was just talking about things that are fake and disturbing, let me talk about the Jerry Springer Show. Back in 1998, this show used to be the sweetest thing on television, no joke. It was controversial, diverse, believable, and there were sexy strippers on the show. Oh god, has that changed! Nowadays, every time my remote stops on the show, I see the biggest pieces of white trash with three teeth talking about how they cheated on their spouse. It’s like the producers of the show go to Uglyland, find the fattest slobs on earth, dress them like red necks, and give them some sort of scenario where they cheated on their wives. What makes it even more stupid is that the people stutter and stop in mid sentence. It’s like watching the Beverly Hillbillies on crack, although I’ve never done crack. Bottom line is this: I get stupider every time I watch the Jerry Springer Show.

Over fall break, I had a lot of time off. I went to my parent’s house in Virginia and there wasn’t really too much to do. So, what did I do? I watched MTV … a little too much MTV. I got re-addicted to the Wade Robson Project. I’ve been watching this show for the past month and I am always impressed with the dance moves the dancers pull of, for real. I remember the first dancer I saw on the show, Tyler Banks. I knew from the second I saw him that he was going to win, I swear to God. Literally, dancing is such a skill and talent, it’s amazing, and those who can do it, especially to choreography have got a gift. But, after the finale was over, a new show appeared on MTV … Camp Jim. Camp Jim is a reality show where cheerleaders are chosen to go to Camp Jim for two weeks and work on their cheerleading skills. I always liked cheerleading because of two reasons. One reason is because it promotes school spirit and secondly, for the females! Boo Ya! I like this show because it actually reveals the little skill cheerleading requires. All it seems like is jumping, synchronizing your arms, and having pep. Finally, a show that proves us males right (just for the record, I like the skill of cheerleading)! Also, Jim is a funny dude. The show is cool (but not as cool as Seinfeld), so check it out.

The biggest buzz right now has to be about Napster. After being shut down two years ago, some would never have thought that the file-sharing service would open up again. Well, surprise-surprise, it’s coming back on October 29th. This is how Napster 2.0 will work: songs will cost 99 cents a download, an album will cost $9.95, and for a monthly fee, you can download unlimited songs for $9.95. The music quality is supposed to be incredible and the download time should be quick. I think that this is a great idea, no joke. I mean, there have been so many lawsuits going on by these media companies suing old ladies and little girls for downloading a song, and it will only continue. My advice to anyone wanting to download music is to register with Napster and take the monthly fee, so this way, you can download as many songs as you want and not get sued. For anyone who wants to download a song, check out “This Time” by Depswa.

I want to publicly thank OutKast, Dave Matthews, Limp Bizkit, and Ludachris for knocking Hillary Duff’s, Metamorphous, out of the number one slot of the Billboard 200! You all have made me a very happy man!

The band, Prodigy, who is known best for their songs, “Breathe,” and “Smack My Bitch Up,” have pushed back their latest album. Their newest album, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned is still being worked on. The planned released date is unsure, although the band expects it out in May 2004.

The Source Awards was just recently held in Miami. 50 Cent took home two of the biggest awards of the night, including Single of the Year for Males for “In Da Club,” and the Album of the Year for Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Other winners were Nelly, who won the Male Artist of the Year Award and Lil’ Kim who nabbed the Female Artist of the Year Award. However, the most appealing thing to me happened when Ja Rule got booed … twice. His first jeering came when he didn’t accept the Rap/R&B Award for ” Thug Lovin’” (although he says he was getting ready for his performance backstage) and the second one came at the end of his performance. I mean, Ja Rule has rap skills, but he totally lost his street credibility when he sold out and collaborated on several pop songs. It’s like every song he did for three years straight was a pop song, and he should have expected the hardcore rap fans to be distraught by this. And P.S., the songs Ja Rule did with Ashanti and J’Lo sound the same practically … he said almost the same shit. Come on!

And on a final note, Blink 182’s new album comes out on November 18th and it won’t be called Use Your Erection I and II. Instead, the album will be … untitled. What, did you expect me to say more about this?

I hope you enjoyed this issue of Open Mic and if you didn’t, well … I really don’t care. Later.

Open Mic w/ Bear Frazer : Volume II

Once again, it’s time for the latest and greatest in pop culture with your host, Bear Frazer. I just got word that people on the West Side are talking about how incredible my column is. I would like to say it’s nice that I have some fans all the way in Cali. Anyways, here I go.

One thing that has made me mad in the past is that some artists can easily top the Billboard Charts not by their skill, but by who they are. Take our latest example: Hillary Duff, the star of the Disney movie and television series, Lizzie Maguire. She doesn’t have the best voice or the best music around, but who she is guarantees her a platinum record and a #1 album on the Billboard 200. Her song, “Why Not,” wasn’t impressive whatsoever. There are so many pop stars out in the music scene who could easily make a better tune. This brings up the typical question, what’s the point, better yet, what are you trying to say? I’m not trying to say anything … I’m flat out saying that the only reason why Hillary Duff has a #1 album is because there are so many little kids who look up to a childhood Disney role model and second, but more importantly, there are so many sick men who can’t help but imagine getting the 15 year-old girl in bed, so of course they’re gonna buy the album, bottom line. I bet half the followers of my writing are probably thinking those sick thoughts right now … hey, whatever floats your boats.

Speaking of albums, a lot of albums have been dropping in stores recently. A Perfect Circles, “Thirteenth Step” came out September 9th, limpbizkit’s (not Limp Bizkit anymore) “Results May Vary” appeared in stores on September 23rd, and Ill Nino’s “Confession” out on September 30th. Also out on the 30th was Lo-Pro’s self-titled debut album. Lo-Pro is a band that could get really big soon. They are the first band signed under Staind’s record label, 413 Records and the group’s drummer is the former Godsmack drummer, Tommy Stewart. Just some side information for the metalheads.

Hey, does anyone remember Billy Corgan? He was the frontman for the Smashing Pumpkins who produced such songs like, “Tonight, Tonight,” and “Bullet with Butterfly Wings.” After the band split in 2000, Corgan immediately started up a new band called Zwan. After a few years of hype, Zwan finally released their album, Mary Star of the Sea. The album started well on the Billboard 200, where it debuted at #3 on the charts, but it slid all the way down the charts, selling fewer than 270,000 copies. So what does an unsuccessful band do? They breakup. That’s right ladies and gentlemen … Zwan is Gone! Corgan told the Chicago Tribune on Monday that, “The band wasn’t going to reach its full capacity spiritually and musically. I didn’t see the commitment necessary. I was reliving ‘Behind the Music,’ and I’m not getting on that train to hell again.” Corgan plans to be releasing a book of poetry and an album, which covers six new acoustic songs. As far as the rest of the members of Zwan, who knows, but maybe the question is, who cares. There is only one thing for certain folks … ZWAN is GONE!

Eminem and Dr.Dre is currently in another lawsuit, but this time, a 70 year-old woman is the one filing the suit. Harlene Stein is suing Eminem because his 1999 hit, “Guilty Conscience” contains snippets of a 24-second piece from a song written by her late husband, “Pig Go Home.” Her husband was never credited as the song’s composer and his wife has never paid royalties for use of the song. Sure, this may be just another lawsuit on the Shady/Aftermath camp, but I think that the old lady should have filed for fees once the song was first heard. If I was betting man … which I may indeed be, but can’t repeat for legal purposes … I would bet that this story won’t grow much in the future.

And lastly, this is something I need to comment on, since everybody is doing it. Yea … I’m down with peer pressure! The talk of the month has been between J’Lo and Ben Affleck. Originally, their wedding was supposed to be postponed due to severe media all over the place. Now, the wedding is off and the two are no longer together. This is supposedly due to two reasons. The first of which is because Ben had a talk with his mother and she persuaded him not to marry her. Now what the heck is up with this? Are you saying that Ben’s mom didn’t know he was dating J’Lo or something? Damn … anyone who has some brain cells know that if you pick up a magazine or watch TV, all you ever see is Ben all over J’Lo. What Mrs. Affleck? Did you think they were good friends? Do you think they had teatime just for kicks? Come on! The second, which could be believable, is Ben was caught in Chicago gambling and partying. According to an interview back in 1999, Ben Affleck told Playboy 1999 that he’s prone to creating some incident in order to get out of a bad relationship. Seems like Ben is taking it well while J’Lo is not. Three words about this drama: Oh ____ well. And seriously, it’s not like the two weren’t going to break-up sooner or later. J’Lo likes a different guy every single year. Just wait, in 2004, she’ll probably be in love with someone like Trent Lott, Al Sharpton, or Ron Jeremy. Who knows, maybe even Carson Daly or Bill Clinton …

With all bases covered in entertainment for now, I must retreat like Saddam out of Iraq. This is for my peeps … lataz!

Open Mic with Bear Frazer 1

It’s been a while since I have actually sat down and wrote a column, but hey, it’s the summer, and that means four things, that of course, the ABC list. Alcohol, Bitches, Cigarettes, and Drugs. After all of that is overcome, it is time to get ready to knuckle down, get in that driver’s seat, and start steering the wheel again, and that is exactly what I am doing. I’m getting reorganized and re-focused once again, so sit back and relax, and be happy that the best journalist on the East Coast has returned, right where he belongs, at!

Now, you all know I will be talking about entertainment, but I think I should talk about some serious stuff too. That is how I will start out.

What kind of columnist would I be without mentioning my favorite band, Limp Bizkit, or limpbizkit? I have always been a big fan of the music, and as Fred Durst says, “I feel the positive energy man.” Whether he’s too doped up to actually feel positive energy of not, there is no denying that the LB has certainly affected out lives. Right now, they are on tour with Metallica, Linkin Park, Deftones, and Mudvayne and throwing, what I hear is a killer show in Summer Sanitarium 2003. Bottom line is this, you can say what you want about them, but the bottom line is that no mater how good or bad they are, they will DEFINETELY have a new album coming out. Expect the album to drop in stores in October 2008.

Also, expect the title to be something really, really long and something really, really odd.

I was watching one of my favorite shows, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and on the show was this 5 Year-Old Black Rapper named, “Lil Maxo.” This really bothered me. I mean like, why is this kid getting all this exposure? There are so many talented artists out there, and the spotlight is being given to this kid who can’t even ride in a car seat? I mean, he’s way too young to be in music, let alone, the rap scene. I mean, this kid won’t be talkin’ about “Bitches + Ho’s” but more like “Bert + Ernie.” I’m sorry, but I doubt this kid writes his own stuff and his voice is terrible. I just hate seeing people like, “Lil Bow Wow” and “Lil Romeo” get famous for not having any skill. These people should be in like Nursery School or Daycare, holding a rattle, not a microphone. The Bear says this: Go to school and understand the words you spit before you spit them. Seriously, you punks still suck on bottles shouldn’t be allowed to rap.

MTV has released it’s nominations for the annual 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. Leading the way was everyone’s favorite spare tire, Missy Elliot, with eight nominations. Justin Timberlake followed with seven nods for his song where he moans about his lost love, “Cry Me A River.” As we draw near the Awards, I will write a special “Open Mic,” with my picks on who will win.

Speaking of Music Tele Vision (Get it, M T V), I need to address something that pisses me off. What the hell is going on with the MTV VJs? It’s no secret that I really want become a VJ, I think that is highly known, but look at the current lineup of MTV VJs. You got Qudus, who look like he just walked out of a GAP Commercial. I mean, he sits there, smiles, looks like the dumb monkey he is, and has no personality. Then, you have someone named Hillary, who seems like a powder chick (for all those not familiar with the term, it means cokehead.) Then, there is Sway. I’ll admit, this cat has street smarts, but I don’t think he can pronounce any words clearly. He talks like he has a freakin’ muzzle in his mouth. I’m lucky if I can understand the message he is trying to mutter. La La has spunk, but all she wants is some ass, flat out. She works free for MTV or something just to be next to some famous guy. You know she is doing something for him after the show, or something like that. The only props I am giving out to an actual VJ is Carson Daly and Jim Shearer. Many people give Carson a bad rep, but heck, being a VJ ain’t all fun and games. I mean, he’s been around and he is quick on his toes, plus unlike other VJs, he has energy, personality, and good conversation skills that got him his late night show, “Last call with Carson Daly.” Jim Shearer is goofy, no doubt, but hell, the guy has one thing most of the rest lack: He is happy to be there, working for MTV. I mean, his passion is so noticeable, it is crazy.

I miss people like Matt Pinfield, Bill Belamy, and Ricki Raehtmen, because people like them helped pave the way to be a cool and respectful Video Jockey. As far as the MTV news Correspondents they are all very cool.

Speaking of Ricki, I have been watching his old show, Headbangers Ballroom and I am glad the network brought the show back, even if it is on MTV2. Pretty much, the show is two hours of your favorite rock and metal tunes, and it exposes a realm of hardcore metal that doesn’t get much exposure on mainstream television. It gives those artists a chance to show their musical background, plus special guests. Rob Zombie hosted it for a while before turning it over to Hatebreed singer, Jamie Jasta, but I mean, Jasta seems cool but I think he’s really nervous in front of the camera. He’s too mellow out. Seriously, someone poke him with a stick maybe throw a pie in his face! For Christ Sakes, this guy needs to stop being so quiet! Throw me a frickin’ bone! Anyways, on August 2nd, Motorhead and Iron Maiden will be on the show. Check it out.

We are getting to the very end of the column, but right now, I would like to re-introduce a tradition I once lost, and this my friends, is the Song of the Week. Every week, when this column is posted, you will be seeing the Official Open Mic Song. This week’s song goes to The White Stripes for “Seven Nation Army.” I picked this song for many reasons. The first of which is that this song has been doing very well on the Billboard Charts for the past few weeks. Secondly, I love this song. And lastly, I feel that the White Stripes are in fact underrated as a band. They are a two-piece band that is just cranking out the tunes. Their style is very original and very creative, and I feel that their style could lead some sort of revolution, if in fact it hasn’t already. This is one band that will be around for a very long time to come, no doubt about that!

Hey, this just in: Jerry Falwell is still a lardass! Alright, you can mover along to the next line now

I’m about to get going, but if you are looking around for a new album to buy, let me suggest to you Wulfgang’s latest, “Unleash the Beast.” I remember meeting these guys back in January. I heard some of the stuff on the album, and let me tell you, what I have heard is wicked. Check ’em out at Another band you may remember is Depswa. I interviewed the lead singer, Jeremy Penick not too long ago and he sounded ecstatic about his band’s status. Their album, “Two Angels and a Dream,” is out, so check out They are also on Ozzfest right now!

Lastly, will be having a makeover writing the next few weeks. The look of the site will change as well as the way we function. We truly will become the voice of the people as we turn into an Vocal Website, specializing in columns, reviews, and interviews. We will also be adding a feature called the Great Debate. This feature will have a statement and two courageous fans will take sides and present arguments and responses. They will alternate and the procedure will take 15 days, but you, the people of will get to decide who wins. The future for is looking very bright, so get in on it and spread the good word. And after you spread a good word, drink a beer, smoke a butt, and party. Until next Monday, I’m Bear Frazer.

If you would like to send me a letter and have it published in “Open Mic with Bear Frazer,” then email me at

Review: Linkin Park – Meteora

The guys of Linkin Park have struck platinum again, almost in the opening week of their sophomore album, Meteora. The much-anticipated follow-up from their debut album, [Hybrid Theory], is a continuation of feelings that lead singers Chester Bennigton and Mike Shinoda have dealt with, mixed in with their traditional rock and hip-hop feel. With [Hybrid Theory] selling over 8 million copies in 2002, Linkin Park has a lot to live up to. If selling almost 1 million copies in the opening week signifies anything, this band signed under Warner Bros. could be the biggest band of our generation.

Meteora was set for release on March 25th, and the weeks prior to the launch date, Linkin Park released the first single off their album, entitled, “Somewhere I Belong.” The song is about an individual not fitting in anywhere they go and they just want to find a place where they are accepted graciously. The group’s DJ, Joseph Hahn directed the video for, “Somewhere I Belong,” and went on to say that the concept of the video is, “Basically a dream sequence that’s taking place, and the familiar objects in the room are turning into the reality, which is the dream, which is not the reality. It’s a whole play on your mind.” The song has already hit number one on Billboard’s Modern Rock Chart and Mainstream Rock Chart.

The rest of the songs are currently unreleased, but out of all the songs, I think one of my favorites would have to be “Nobody’s Listening.” This song starts out with the sound of something like a recorder, flute, or clarinet. The drums, bass, and light guitar follow this. Mike Shinoda raps about how he had a lot of stress and how common people caused them. Just when he reveals what he has to say, especially the people who caused it, he is just ignored and no one listens.

“Figure 0.9” starts off with a nice soft drum beat, and then, the guitars and bass interrupt. This song talks about taking the bad qualities and the memories of a loved one and making them apart of you as an individual. Mike Shinoda raps while Chest sings the chorus.

Another track I enjoy has been in the writing process for six years, entitled “Break the Habit.” The turntables are used nicely on this and the beat gets a little faster but is still extremely mellow as the rest of the instruments come into play. Chester sings the whole song, which is about how one feels that they have the need to scream, fight, and lash out, for reasons unknown, but it’s hinted due to the memories, such as some terrible events that took place in their life. Once this person realizes this, they try to stop, or as they call it, “Break the Habit.”

After hearing Meteora a couple of times, I feel that this album gets 3 and a half Stars out of 5 Stars. The reason why I give this is because although the songs are good, I’ve only been really happy with about three or four, the rest were all right. I think Mike Shinoda’s lyrics have progressively gotten better, but I feel there is a little bit too much guitar on the songs. The album is still well, well enough in fact to land at the number one slot on the Billboard 200. Linkin Park will be on the Summer Sanitarium Tour with Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, and Mudvayne. For more information on Linkin Park, check out Linkin

Interview: Depswa

Well everyone, a little bit after 3 PM on March 14th, I had the privilege of interviewing Depswa, a new band signed to Geffen Records. I recently saw them on tour with Trust Company and The Chevelle (Pacifier was unable to attend) and they did a great job. Finally, here is the interview with Depswa. For more information, go to
I interviewed Jeremy Penick, the lead singer of Depswa.
Bear: Hey Jeremy, how’re you doin’ today?
Jeremy: Uhm, great.
Bear: OK, so right now, I believe you guys are n the Sensory Overload Tour with Trust Company and Blindeside. How’s that been going for ya?
Jeremy: Actually, right now, we’re with Mudvayne and In Flames. That’s been going good so far.
Bear: So why did you guys hop off the tour with Trust Company?
Jeremy: We jumped off because of the dates, better dates for us.
Bear: Alright. Well, as I might have said before, it was on the Sensory Overload Tour where I first heard of you guys. I was at Ziggy’s in February when you played with Chevelle. I mean, how did it feel sharing the stage with Chevelle and Trust Company?
Jeremy: It was great. The guys are awesome, they’re nice, and they’re a real good band. Trust Company was cool too. Chevelle is real hot right now though. We wish them the best.
Bear: Yea, I agree totally. They got a new video and single out right now. Alright, let me shift gears for a second and talk about Depswa’s past, because my audience isn’t too familiar with you guys.
Jeremy: That’s cool.
Bear: From my understanding, Depswa was originally a three piece set, and you guys were called Carcinogen. Since then, they were additions to the lineup and you guys were located at San Francisco at the time. Is that right? Like, different is Depswa compared from the beginning?
Jeremy: Actually, we were located in Turdock-
Bear: What was that?
Jeremy: Turdock, T-U-R-D-O-C-K, it’s near Canton and that area, there are huge differences since then. There were lineup changes and we were something we really weren’t. We were hardcore and we weren’t too different. Now, we are more into what we are now, we are more ourselves now.
Bear: I hear ya.
Jeremy: We were called Carcinogen, but like we said, we changed to Depswa. No one knows what a Depswa is.
Bear: I hear ya there, but let me ask you. How did you enjoy your time in that period? I mean, how different was that time compared to now? Like, when you reflect on those times, how much did you change? Better?
Jeremy: Yea, definitely better. Personally, I’m more comfortable (now), happier, we have more of a gratitude. We don’t really have many influences in our music, we are strictly ourselves.
Bear: A few years later, the band as a whole noticeably changed, in the respect of the name changing from Carcinogen to Depswa, a move to Los Angeles, changes in the lineup. What sparked this?
Jeremy: Well, I don’t think any one thing sparked this, I think it is something every band goes through. It was definitely a good growing period to get where we are now. I mean, new bands start out and try to play like who they admire, but as they get older, things keep on changing and they keep on working into their own mold. And, we’re continually changing, not just one day, but more like evolution, you know what I mean?
Bear: Yea.
Jeremy: Like, we have more guitar players. I enlisted with Dan (Noonan). We used to play together and then, when we moved to Los Angeles, I contacted him, and he really helped us out, with like a place to live, helped us get on our feet, and such. So, it has two parts.
Bear: Alright … there are lots of people, some including my site are wondering, just like anyone else � what does Depswa mean?
Jeremy: Depswa came from the movie, “Medicine Man”, Sean Connery was in it, and it took place in Venezuela. He is looking for a cure for cancer and he is working with these Venezuelan Rainforest people, and a Medicine Man, or healer in mind was called Depswa. So that’s where we got it, it has a certain stigma to it. No one knows what a Depswa is.
Bear: Alright. So you guys have been getting a following and eventually, signed to Geffen Records. How did this come about and what was the first thing you were thinking?
Jeremy: It was great. We are able to have a chance to have a chance, and we don’t take it for granted.
Bear: How did Geffen hear about you?
Jeremy: Well, we have been making demo recordings at our house, that’s where we do all our recordings. We pass out demos to people and someone passed our demo out to someone at Geffen’s A+R and they loved it. Also, a friend knew Slipknot, we met Cory, and we jammed for him. He really liked it and tried getting us to sign with their label, Maggot, but we went with Geffen. Cory understood and Maggot slipped.
Bear: Now that’s cool as hell man. I never knew that. Anyways, so you got signed and I believe you guys went into the studio around I’d say early spring 2002?
Jeremy: Uhm, yea.
Bear: You guys went in early spring 2002 to record Two Angels and a Dream. How do you guys feel about this album as a whole? How do you think the fans as a whole will respond to it, and are we expecting that out in May?
Jeremy: So far, it’s set for May. Yea, we were in the studio for three months, recording songs, and then, went back to record more songs and were done by October. We accomplished a lot and we’re very proud of it. We feel each song is individual, each song is an entity. I’m very proud and feel like a record hoping to make it. I’m just happy and fortunate. I’m not taking any of these for granted. As for the fan’s response, so far, a lotta people are connected with it. There have been kids who were impacted by it. I’m still stoked to listen to it. I’m stoked that the peeps are going to listen to it. Hopefully, everyone will just spread the joy.
Bear: I hear that. I know a lot of time and effort goes into the songs. When I attended the show at Ziggy’s, I don’t remember everything that happened, but I do remember hearing you say that one of your songs were about some aspect of Substance Abuse.
Jeremy: Yea, that was “Needles.”
Bear: Yea, this present my next question, what songs stand out the most in your mind? Is there a favorite?
Jeremy: Really, I have heard it a few times and, this is tough. Honestly, I can’t say I have one favorite songs. Every song is special. I love just listening to all the songs on “Two Angels and a Dream.”
Bear: Totally understandable. So, what will be the first single off “Two Angels and a Dream?” Can we expect a music video?
Jeremy: Well, we shot a video and we just did the video shoot for “This Time,” which is coming for a show called, “Adrenaline X,” so there are two we can pick from. “Adrenaline X” will be cool, it’s all like motocross, where all these pros live in a contest situation, and they have aerial jumps against each other. We even get to see the insight of the riders. When they did the last jump of the last day, we played underneath the event. It was cool and intense. There were mud everywhere, mud underneath it. It was cool!
Bear: So, will “Adrenaline X” be on TV, I mean, when could we expect it out? Like, channel, time slot?
Jeremy: It is going to be on NBC, Primetime … let me see if I remember this. I think the ads will be in May and it will air in June.
Bear: Sounds pretty tight. Now, you guys recently just signed up with what I consider one of the most important tours of the year, an annual festival of metal, the Ozzfest. How does it feel to play Ozzfest later this summer?
Jeremy: Fuckin’ dream come true! Yea, it’s like wishing for it to be the ultimate goal and how it’s come true. I can’t wait for it! I can’t wait to see all the bands, the performers, it’s going to be amazing. I’ll be seeing my aspirations for the past. My goal though is to represent Ozzfest and do a good job.
Bear: It’s no secret a ton of bands get known on the tour. This further Limp Bizkit’s career back in �98, Godsmack got big off of this, Drowning Pool was a huge breakout band. Could Depswa be the next?
Jeremy: Couldn’t say. No idea. I hope, I hope for the best, prepare for the worse. Ways don’t always come out as you like them. Mainly, just trying to connect with the music. Never say, “Yea, we’re the shit cuz we’re real.” We’re just glad to be doing it.
Bear: Lets hope you become the next breakout band though. Has there been any artists that have influenced Depswa?
Jeremy: Throughout the years, there have been all different influences and with all of us in the band, there is a wide variety of genres. Personally, I love all kinds of music, not just any one genre. You like what ya like. I like some songs, but then, I could like a band entirely. I like Radiohead, Meshuggah, I’m more into 70’s Music, the Doobies, Jeff Buckley, the Eagles.
Bear: It’s no secret you guys have shared the stage with a lot of bands. What has been most memorable?
Jeremy: That’s tough … there is a lot … I’d probably say Rob Zombie. He was cool and has been around for ages. KoRn, that was huge, it was like amazing to open up for them. It was amazing to me that they defined a scene.
Bear: Pretty much opened the door up for the Rap Metal Scene. What I want to know is, what do you guys, what does Depswa want to be remembered for when you’re at the end of your careers?
Jeremy: Sincere. Just hope people know we are sincere. Every song we write is sincere. We expose a part of our lives and we’re letting everyone into it. We’re a positive and real band, and we balance between negative and positive. That reflects on “Two Angels and a Dream.”
Bear: Well Jeremy, I am really grateful that you let me interview you and spread the word for Depswa.
Jeremy: No problem man. Glad to do it, anytime. Thanks Bear.
Bear: Take care and good luck. I’ll try to see you at Ozzfest!
For more information on Depswa, go to or
Maybe in the future, we can do a follow up interview for everyone here at If you would like to respond to this interview and tell us here at on your thoughts about the interview, the band, the music, or any questions concerning them, please respond here be clicking this message (note: you must be registered at the forums) or, email me (

The Bear Truth 2

Welcome everybody and it feels great to bring all of you another edition of the best column on the East Coast, The Bear Truth! There has been a lot of happenings in the world of entertainment as of late and I know you all are “oh so” interested on my thoughts concerning the various areas of media. So buckle up tight, because you’re going for a ride!

As reported on, Fred Durst gave everyone a sample of their fourth studio album, “Bipolar” (originally named “Less Is More”) by delivering one of the songs that will appear on the album, called, “Just Drop Dead.” The song was rumored to be about Durst’s alleged romance with pop icon, Brittany Spears, however, Durst shot those rumors down and claimed that the song was about, ” someone who shouldn’t have crossed the line.” It’s the type of song where someone toyed with an individual’s emotions and lied to them, and now, Durst is wishing that they were drop dead, hence the title, “Just Drop Dead.” The only other song that is guaranteed to appear on the album is “Crack Addict,” but he hinted to something about having “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” appear on the album, a song which lead a new revolution of music in 1991 by the infamous band, Nirvana.

The 45th Annual Grammy Awards occurred on January 23rd in Madison Square Garden, New York. The big winner of the night was Norah Jones, who won the top three categories, Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Album of the Year. She also grabbed the Best New Artist Award, Best Female Vocal Pop Performance, and a couple others, rounding out the night with eight Grammys. In my opinion, the best performance of the night was No Doubt, as they started out with “Underneath it All,” but then kicked in with “Hella Good.” They also nabbed the Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group. Bruce Springsteen also made a good showing and took home four Grammys. Eminem could be considered the biggest loser, as he only won the Best Rap Album, although I feel he should have won the Album of the Year Award. I also felt that Nickleback should have received the Record of the Year, because “How You Remind Me,” has been nothing but dominating the radio stations, television, and Billboard Charts since it came out in late 2001.

Now, I know everyone has been seeing the stories about Michael Jackson. You know, the interviews and the stories? Anyways, it seems like the so-called, “King of Pop,” has turned into the “King of Crack.” The guy says he has had only two facial surgeries, both of which have been on his nose. I’m sorry, but that is entirely phony like bologna, if you catch my drift. And then, you got this wanker whom once his second child was born, once the umbilical chord was cut, he grabbed the kid and ran out of the hospital and cleaned it up at his house. What’s up wit dat!?!? What did he do with his third child? The same exact thing, except this gets better. He gave his third child the same name as the first one: prince. But what does he call him? Blanket! Blanket! What kind of name is Blanket! Now, I know all of you are thinking, “What kind of name is Bear?” See, there is a difference. There are multiple people who go by the name, “Bear,” and yes, I am the most popular person with the name, but Blanket!?!? That kid is going to be made so much fun of. Oh wait … this is the thing that gets me … ready? Michael Jackson makes his kids wear masks when they enter the public. I don’t know whether it’s because his kids are uglier than Betty Crocker or not, but no one should ever hide who they are. In my eyes, hiding yourself from the rest of the world makes you forgotten, and I would never want to be forgotten.

There are going to be some incredible tours this summer. The one I am looking forward to seeing is the Summer Sanitarium Tour, which features Metallica, Limp Bizkit, and Linkin Park, and starting the show will be Mudvayne and the Deftones. The Ozzfest will reappear this year, as the annual summer tour pits Ozzy Osbourne, Disturbed, KoRn, The Chevelle, and Marilyn Manson taking the headlining spot, and Trust Company will headline the second stage. Lollapalooza will make it’s first return in five years and on the bill is Incubus, Audioslave, Jurassic 5, Queens of the Stone Age, and Jane’s Addiction. The Vans Warped Tour will have a couple million of bands participating in the festival, and on that bill are a Simple Plan, the All American Rejects, Finch, Authority Zero, The Starting Line, From Autumn To Ashes, Suicide Machines, Less Than Jake, Glassjaw, Rancid, Andrew W.K., and The Used. Notice how there are a couple of bands in there from Long Island … my hometown … Long Island Pride, Baby! Also, I think the best tour of the year will without a doubt be the one with Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. They are the best performers out there … note the sarcasm.

That’s it for this issue … I WILL SEE YOU ALL SOON!!!!