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Holiday Season; one has to love it. It’s time to get ready for the Holidays to come, to spend time with friends and family, eating semi-decent food (instead of the caf�) and one month off from school. The bad part; final exams. I know everybody is going to be going through them soon enough, so I wish everyone good luck on the finals. In the meantime, read on, because I know you will. Like always, when Bear Frazer’s name is on anything, it means quality. BOO YA!

I would like to state that the Pfeiffer Review (literary magazine) will be coming out shortly. Their editor, Debbie Douglas did a mighty fine job with it. Here’s a big reason to check it out: I am in it! I won a poetry contest last semester and my poem, “Tunnel Vision” won the contest. You know what that means, right? That means Bear F’N Frazer is taking over the whole F’N world! Mwuahahaha!

Wes Borland (former Limp Bizkit guitarist) has been keeping somewhat of a low profile as of late. After one year of searching for lead singers, he has yet to found one, and this is what led to his decision to put his music project, Eat The Day, on the shelf. He felt none of the potential singers were right because, “no one was right for a long-term commitment.” Very well, but even though he has temporarily moved Eat The Day to the backburner, Borland is looking at a career of producing. He has been working with Danny Lohner to produce music for the “Underworld” soundtrack. He’s also been in talks to work with rock acts such as Evanescence, Trust Company, and Keith Flint from Prodigy. I think this is a good step for Wes, no doubt about it. Honestly though, he has so many fans of his guitar playing. He has such a style when he plays and performs that he just grabs the crowd. I know a lot of fans want to see him back, including me. I hope he finds a lead singer soon and gets Eat The Day going.

In other news, it is official; Suge Knight no longer owns the worst record label name. Irv Gotti and Ja Rule have that claim of fame now, as they officially changed the name of their label, “Murder Inc.,” to simply, “The Inc.” I would inform all of you as to why there is a name change, but Irv Gotti has yet to release a comment. My guess is that his role model is Suge Knight. Originally, Suge changed “Death Row’s” name to “Tha Row,” so Irv Gotti must be following in his footsteps. Before you know it, Irv Gotti will probably start beating the crap out of his employees like Suge Knight has in the past. Ashanti will probably be whacked first out of “The Inc.,” crew of artists. Maybe Irv will copy Suge to a tee and go to jail. Now wouldn’t that be great? HOLLA!

There is a movie out called “Tupac Resurrection.” Right now, that is the only movie I would want to see that is out in theatres. What I’m wondering about is whether or not this is a sign of things to come. Confused? Want some clarity? Fine, here’s your stinkin’ clarity. There has been a huge rumor going around since Tupac Shakur’s death that he is alive and will one day return. Little funny that this movie is coming out around the same time Tupac is supposed to reappear. Makes ya wonder, doesn’t it? Just something you should think about.

Cypress Hill is back in the studio right now, recording their follow-up to their 2001 album, Stoned Raiders. The group will be doing a little bit of experimenting with their new album, Till Death do us Part, by adding a bit of a reggae feel to their songs. Reggae is starting to get big too … once Sean Paul came out with his album, Duty Rock, a revolution of sorts began. You can expect about five of them to be straight up reggae and the other ten to be straight up hip-hop. The reason why the band hasn’t made another album is due largely in part to expand their musical horizons, which I completely understand. Let’s face it; when there is a group who has been together for fourteen years like Cypress Hill, you can only play the same style of music for so long. There have been tons of bands who have crossed over into various genres of music and styles. Take Incubus for example. S.C.I.E.N.C.E. was pretty heavy, Make Yourself was more mellow, and Morning View was light rock, or what I like to call, “beach music,” and god, that album really annoyed me for a while. Limp Bizkit has even gotten heavier with their new stuff. I’m looking very forward to this album because I’m a big Cypress Hill fan. I saw an awesome quote on that perfectly describes them and it goes like this: “Roots, reggae, marijuana, and the whole feel has always been synonymous with Cypress Hill.” If that isn’t true, then what is?

That’s it for this issue of Open Mic. I’m hoping everybody has a Happy Holiday, and just like always, if you don’t agree with what I say (not that I could care less), then send a letter to the editor to And, if you don’t like that, then obviously … YOU CAN’T SEE ME!

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Going on the 7 year theory that is so popular, it would’ve been September 13th that Pac would’ve “come back.” That date has come and gone. Guess what? No Tupac. Why? Cuz the man is dead. It’s kinda disrespectful to imply anything else.


Daz all I gots ta say playa. Ja Rule… oh how I wants ta put a cap in dat mofo’s hollow head.

Gambino, look tupac doesn’t have to publically come back on any date, he just had to declare to the government somewhere that he was coming out of hiding and he was still alive and haveing to start paying taxes etc etc etc

he could be sitting in his living room right now drinking a beer and the government might have it on record.

There was no law that said he had to come on MTV and publically announce “yo fuckers i’m still alive”

John, you usually know what you’re talking about, and most of the time I agree with you. But that’s just plain ignorant. I’m sorry, but regardless what oddball country he found to hide in, someone is gonna see him. He’s way too famous to not be noticed. Even if he did hide on some island somewhere that no one knew who he was, it’s still a bit too far fetched.

Oh, and John, the 7 year theory isn’t something I came up with on my own. It’s the big conspiracy theory that people who can’t come to grip with reality have thought up. 7 years after his death was September 13, 2003. Bear also implied that the movie was coming out around the time he was supposed to come back, I was just correcting him on the time everyone had predicted.

i know all about the 7 year theory, and i pretty much believe in it.

As for being seen? for christ sakes the guy was sighted in jamaca countless times and no one believed, the public stopped listening to sighting reports years ago…

Elvis has been sighted all over the world, as well as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Doesn’t make it true. :o)

did i say the sightings were true? No, that’s my point, people have said they’ve seen him and cried wolf enough that people stopped caring (just like Elvis).

This rate no one would believe it unless they get pictures

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