Wasted Words 11

Recommended Download: The Used – Alone This Holiday ‘Tis the season for giving. It most certainly is. Most people give to the less fortunate, and that includes myself usually. However, being the rebel that I am, I’m gonna do something different this year. I’m gonna give Christmas gifts to people who can afford them. I’m […]

Wasted Words 10

Hey everyone! It’s fucking late and I’m quickly writing this. I usually start writing a week in advance, but I didn’t get that big of a head start this week. I didn’t buy any new music this week. Unusual, I know. I did get ahold of a copy of 50 cent’s, Guess Who’s Back, which […]

Wasted Words 9

Recommended download: Time to get into the holiday spirit! Rancid – Xmas Eve (she got up and left me) Hey folks. It’s officially seven days since my last column. Guess what? It’s time for another one! Please, hold your applause until the end. Thank you. Bad news for those who were looking forward to the […]

Wasted Words 8

Recommended download: Vendetta Red – Stay Home Hey everyone, it’s me again. A day away from Thanksgiving, and I’m getting a little excited. I really enjoy the holiday season, it makes me kinda sad too. Unfortunately, most of my family has drifted apart over the past few years since my Grandmother passed away. Seems the […]

Wasted Words 7

Recommended download: Bad Religion – No Control Ladies and gentlemen! Children of all ages! Please rise, and allow me to introduce….myself. Yep, it’s me again. Back at you again with the real shit. You know, that feel good shit. That real good shit, and some things that make you go hmmmm. Okay, so that was […]

Wasted Words 6

Recommended download: Thursday – Jet Black New Year Hey everyone, it’s me again. I’ve come to brainwash you and rule the world with you as my slaves. Eh, not really. But I am gonna talk shit about some music, maybe some movies, and maybe just for the hell of it I’ll throw in some literature […]

Wasted Words 5

Recommended download: Simply a beautiful song. Leonard Cohen – If It Be Your Will Joke of the day: How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb? Punchline at end of article Hey everyone. It’s me again, back to the same routine. Hope you enjoyed last weeks column on Halloween, as […]

Wasted Words 4: Halloween Edition

Recommended Download: Originally performed by the Misfits, but AFI did it better. AFI – Halloween Bonfires burning bright. Pumpkin faces in the night. I remember Halloween. Dead cats hanging from poles. Little dead are out in droves. I remember Halloween. Halloween is upon us. Bonfires, trick or treating, costumes, caramel apples, popcorn balls, and most […]

Wasted Words 3

Recommended download: Because fat chicks need love too…NOFX Hotdog in the Hallway *sarcasm on*Wow, such a huge response! Thanks guys! Those Halloween emails are just flying in here. I’ve received so many, I can’t decide which ones to use.*sarcasm off* That’s cool if no one wants to send anything. I just thought it would be […]

Wasted Words 2

Recommended download: Avenged Sevenfold Chapter Four Understatement of the year: President Bush says that the media doesn’t tell the truth. What, does this asshole live under a rock? But isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black? Hey there, it’s me again. Yep, that annoying voice in your head that just won’t go away […]