Wasted Words 7

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Ladies and gentlemen! Children of all ages! Please rise, and allow me to introduce….myself. Yep, it’s me again. Back at you again with the real shit. You know, that feel good shit. That real good shit, and some things that make you go hmmmm. Okay, so that was a lousy attempt at a humorous, hip, and cool introduction. Read on and get over it. As I type this, I’m watching a show on MTV, which is featuring Thursday and Thrice in concert. It’s awesome, and you jokers who don’t watch MTV don’t know what you’re missing. Or maybe you do, considering it was followed by Nickelback live. Not that there’s anything wrong with Nickelback, cuz they’re not a bad band, they’re just no Thursday or Thrice. I picked up the new self-titled, Blink 182 album. I can’t really pick out a favorite track quite yet, though I Miss You and Stockholm Syndrome are both standout tracks. It’s totally different from any other Blink album. Is that a good thing? Yes, and no. I love the new album, but I still long for the old Blink. You know, the poop and wiener jokes. The songs about fucking dogs in the ass and adult diapers, and pop-punk anthems like Damnit. Yeah, those guys. It’s good to see them evolve though, and maybe more people will take them seriously as musicians. They deserve it for sure. I finally had the opportunity to watch 28 Days Later the other day. It definitely lived up to the things I had heard about it, which were nothing but praises. It was a good scary movie, something which isn’t very common these days. It made me jump a few times, that’s for sure. I’m still working on the Anti-Flag, Terror State review. I promise I’ll finish it eventually.

I’ve got some more news on the Goonies sequel which is in development. Apparently it will feature the original cast which includes Corey Feldman, Josh Brolin, and Sean Astin. There will also be some newcomers to the movie, who will be called the Groonies. Why the Groonies? The Chinese kid, Data, owns an electronics repair shop and speaks with a Chinese accent. Hence, The Groonies. Haha, I get it. Oh yeah, and it’s gonna have Chunk. Only time will tell if this movie is as good as the original, but with Chunk back in the mix, it has to be a winner. Doesn’t it? Truffle shuffle!

Blindside have a new album on the way. Titled, About A Burning Fire, the album is due out February 24. If the title track is only a hint of how good this album is gonna be, it’s sure to be a great album and bring orgasmic feelings to your ears. Their previous album, Silence, was a damn good album. I have no doubt this one will be as well. You can check out the mp3 here.

Chicago band, Numb, is organizing a charity concert for Child Abuse Prevention. Currently, they’re aiming for February 15. If you’re in a band and would like to perform, or maybe you’d just like to volunteer your own personal time, email tony@numbmusic.com. This is definitely for a great cause, and any help you can offer would be awesome. Numb

Just when it seemed this jackass couldn’t stoop any lower, Ja Rule proves us all wrong. Ja teamed up with American Idol winner, Rubben Studdard, to record a track. The song, titled What Is Sexy, will appear on Ruben’s debut album. I’m thinking Ja Rule should take notes from Jay Z. Get this guy a pension, cuz it’s time to retire.

Puddle of Mudd’s new album, Life On Display, is due out November 25. That’s next Tuesday, in case you didn’t know. You can stream the entire album now by clicking here. What I’ve listened to sounds pretty good. It’s worth a listen if you liked their first album, Come Clean.

Dropkick Murphy’s have announced that tickets for their annual Boston St. Patricks Day shows are now available. For more information, head over to Dropkick Murphys.com. Be sure to pack up your Irish Flags and take them with you. It makes for an awesome site to see all of those Irish and DKM flags flying over the crowd during the show.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading. Until next time, I’m out.

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they don’t allow the flags indoors at the shows

and i’ve been to many DKM shows including last year’s boston one and i’ll tell you, the band may love it but everyone in the mosh pit hates them assholes whip the flags into people and block the view for the crowd, it’s fine at warped tour where those guys stay in the back but anywhere else it blows

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