Wasted Words 6

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Hey everyone, it’s me again. I’ve come to brainwash you and rule the world with you as my slaves. Eh, not really. But I am gonna talk shit about some music, maybe some movies, and maybe just for the hell of it I’ll throw in some literature too. Possibly. I just got the December issue of Alternative Press in the mail. It’s an excellent issue. Brand New is on the cover, and there’s articles on Avenged Sevenfold, Anti-Flag, and Blink 182. After reading the Blink article, I’m even more excited about their new self-titled album. Which, by the way, comes out on November 18. I picked up two new albums tonight. The new Kid Rock album and the Tupac: Resurrection soundtrack. The Kid Rock album is decent, though not his best. It’s a lot more mellow than his previous effort, Cocky, which I think was his best. One good thing is, with the exception of two or three tracks, he seems to have abandoned the rap-rock style that made him famous. It’s more of a country-rock, blues record. I haven’t listened to Tupac: Resurrection yet, but I’m sure it’ll be good. I am a bit disappointed though as I thought it was all going to be new or remixed songs. There’s only 3 new or remixed songs on the whole album. While it doesn’t make it a bad album, it’s not exactly what I had expected.

Universal Music announced Tuesday that it will purchase Dreamworks Records, for a reported $100 million. Dreamworks is home to bands like AFI, All American Rejects, Saves the Day, and most recently Brand New, and Rise Against. This leaves me to wonder what will happen to bands like Saves the Day and Rise Against, who might not pull in the album sales that a major label such as Universal might expect.

You can stream the new Blink 182 album from the MTV web site on The Leak. What I’ve listened to so far, it sounds like some of their best work yet.

There is a Goonies sequel in development. I don’t know if this could be as good as the first one. I’m sure Chunk is all grown up by now. Damnit.

There’s also a Scooby Doo sequel in the works. It’s set to hit theaters in March. Hopefully it’s as good as the original. What? Surely I’m not the only one who thought Scooby Doo was a cool movie.

Since there’s not too much interesting shit going on in music this week, I’ll finish this up early. I would like to comment on some things that have gone on in the forums, most notably the music forum. There is a lot of bickering back and forth over which band is best, what music is shit and what’s not, and on and on. I’m all for reasonable debate and I’m all for sticking up for a band that you enjoy, but there is such a thing as going overboard. There’s no reason to personally insult someone for the type of music they enjoy. That’s just ridiculous and downright prejudice. So not everyone thinks Kurt Cobain is some kind of music God, and not everyone can get into emo music or pop-punk. Big deal. Everyone has their own opinion and they’re entitled to it. They’re also entitled to be respected for their opinion. So let’s all just be cool, get along, and try to have a good time in the forums.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, I’m out. Peace.

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Goonies Sequel?!!? fuck how the hell are they going to de-age corey feldman by like 20 years?!

and does this mean we get a new Cindy Lauper song?

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