Wasted Words 10

Hey everyone! It’s fucking late and I’m quickly writing this. I usually start writing a week in advance, but I didn’t get that big of a head start this week. I didn’t buy any new music this week. Unusual, I know. I did get ahold of a copy of 50 cent’s, Guess Who’s Back, which is a pre-Get Rich Or Die Trying album. I’d say it’s just as good, if not better than Get Rich…. There’s some guest spots on the album too, with Nas, Bravehearts, U.G.K, and of course, the G-Unit stopping by. I rented Dumb and Dumberer this weekend. While it’s not as funny as the original, it’s definitely a must see for anyone who enjoys comedy movies. It does feature another hilarious scene involving a bathroom and a shit-like substance. Best part of the movie. For upcoming columns, I’ve got a couple of things planned. Expect a Christmas list for the stars coming up, as well as my 10 favorite albums of 2003. Those should make for a good read. Hopefully.

Ozzy Osbourne was injured in an ATV accident, where he fractured several bones. He is said to be in stable condition right now, which is good news. Here’s to hoping the Ozzman gets well soon and makes a full recovery. On a related note, the song Changes, which Ozzy remade with his Daughter, Kelly, is worth checking out. Sure, most people think she’s a spoiled bitch, but she’s got a nice voice, even if she is mostly making her career off of her last name. Getting Ozzy to sing this Father/Daughter duet was a nice touch also.

Awhile back, it was reported that the house of Goldfinger frontman, John Feldmann, was raided by the FBI. At the time, not many details were known. If you’re interested in reading about what really went down, click herelaw enforcement agencies who have nothing better to do than harrass people news, the Secret Service were investigating some of Eminems recent lyrics. Apparently a song Eminem recorded, titled We As Americans, features the following lyrics…”I don’t rap for dead presidents/I’d rather see the president dead.” Obviously, as any normal citizen could’ve told these idiots, the Secret Service found there was no real threat from the rapper. Give me a break guys. Why not focus on catching the real terrorists, okay?

Be sure to tune in to David Letterman on December 12, which is this Friday. Alkaline Trio will be performing, which should be a great show. Also, on the same evening, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will be performing on Carson Daly. Even if you can’t stand that annoying Carson punk, you can always watch the band then change the channel.

So Ja Rule is done battling 50 Cent. It’s about time he realizes that he doesn’t compare to 50 Cent, in any way, shape, or form. Now he just needs to realize that he should go the way of Mase and Jay Z, and just call it quits. Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, good bye. Please?

It seems that even though they spread the word of God, P.O.D.’s latest album hasn’t been accepted by many Christian bookstores. Apparently they’ve got a problem with the cover art, which features a naked women with butterfly wings and her arms covering her breasts. Their own have turned against them! Now if we can get every other record store in the world to stop carrying their albums, victory will be ours! –insert evil laugh– Not that I hate P.O.D, I just don’t care for much of their music and find them pretty annoying most of the time. I do give them credit for holding their ground and not changing the cover art just so these stores will carry it. No artist should have to sacrifice their vision for any reason.

Thanks for reading. Until next week, I’m out.

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wow, i hadn’t heard about the goldfinger thing. that’s pretty fucked up… talk about a misuse of power. but i actually was more shocked by the fact that he is an animal activist. while i am anti-animal cruelty and a vegetarian i dont agree with the animal liberation movement or many of the actions of peta and groups of the like. but, very interesting, thanks!

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