Wasted Words 5

Recommended download: Simply a beautiful song. Leonard CohenIf It Be Your Will

Joke of the day: How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb? Punchline at end of article

Hey everyone. It’s me again, back to the same routine. Hope you enjoyed last weeks column on Halloween, as I enjoyed writing it. I know it was different from what I usually write, and didn’t include much about music. I did throw in a recommendation and some song lyrics though. Hey, it counts. For this weeks column, I had originally planned on writing a review of the new Anti-Flag album, The Terror State, but that fell through. I’ve been pretty busy this week. Between doctors appointments, work, and Halloween celebrations, I didn’t have much time to myself. I’m still planning to review the album though, so look for it in the next week or two. New music for this week; I got Punk Goes Acoustic, which was finally released after months of setbacks. It’s got a lot of great bands on it, such as Finch, Thursday, Rise Against, and From Autumn to Ashes. My favorite song on the album is Memory by Sugarcult. Even if you’re not a fan of the band (which I’m not much of) but you enjoy acoustic music, you should check out this song. I just bought Story of the Year, Page Avenue, earlier today. So far what I’ve heard, it’s a great album. Until the Day I Die is a great song. I picked up a new DVD this week. I was at Meijer Monday night at midnight to make sure I got a copy of Finding Nemo on DVD. It was the first movie my two year old ever saw in the theater, and she liked it. I watched it for the first time yesterday, and it’s a pretty cool show.

P. Diddy has been accused of using sweatshops to manufacture his Sean John clothing line. So that’s how he can afford all that bling bling and Crystal by the case! By the way, am I hallucinating or is he sporting a mohawk now? In related news, Roc-A-Wear is also made in the same factory.

A movie/documentary about Tupac Shakur, titled Tupac: Resurrectin, will be hitting theaters soon and it should be great. If you’re a fan of Pac’s work, as I am, you should definitely check it out. I only hope it’s better than every other “documentary” that’s been made since his death. Most of them just seem to capitalize on his name and use it to sell videos. They never really feature any decent information on the slain rapper. There will be a soundtrack to accompany the movie as well, which features Eminem as the producer. Should be great stuff all around.

Will someone please tell Murphy Lee that he can’t rap? Adding Nelly and Jermaine Dupree to your song won’t make you sound any better either. These damn “bling bling” rappers, as I like to call them, they’re ruining hip hop.

Avenged Sevenfold have signed to Warner Bros. records, leaving behind their former label, Hopeless. They’re an amazing band, and if this is what they feel is right for them, so be it. Good for them. If you want to read the bands comments on the situation, you can check it out on their website. Avenged Sevenfold I can hear the elitist assholes bitching and moaning as I type this though. You can’t see it, but I’m giving you all the middle finger right now.

Punchline: Who cares, let them all cry in the dark.

For the record, I have nothing against emo as a form of music or emo kids themselves. In fact, I like a lot of emo music. I saw it on a T-shirt and thought it was funny.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, I’m out. Peace.