Wasted Words 9

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Hey folks. It’s officially seven days since my last column. Guess what? It’s time for another one! Please, hold your applause until the end. Thank you. Bad news for those who were looking forward to the Anti-Flag review. What I had written for the review, which was about half way done, was lost. I don’t know if I accidentally deleted it or if my girlfriend deleted it by mistake, but it’s gone. I suppose that’s good news for those who weren’t looking forward to the review, and to those people I extend my middle finger. How you like them apples? I’ll just say that it’s a great fucking album and you should go out and buy it. I watched Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines tonight. Good movie, though I didn’t like it as well as T2: Judgment Day. It made me think though. As much as we depend on computers and machines these days, can you imagine the chaos if they suddenly turned on us? Holy shit we’d be in trouble. Of course, it’s been said that Bill Gates is the antichrist, so who knows. I purchased two new albums this week. That’s two more than last week for those of you who are keeping track. I picked up Funeral for a Friend, Seven Ways To Scream Your Name. I ended up finding it in a store rather than ordering it online as I thought I would have to. That was a plus. It’s a great album and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s into A Static Lullaby, Alexisonfire, or Story of the Year. My favorite song from the album is Red is the New Black. I also bought G-Unit, Beg For Mercy. Usually when a hip-hop artist makes it big, then brings their crew along with them, the crew’s album sucks. Not true with this album. My favorite song is the lead off track, G-Unit.

News that made me smile; Rise Against have been confirmed for the 2004 Warped Tour. I caught their set last year in Indianapolis, and they were awesome. Maybe this year more kids will check them out and they’ll have a bigger crowd. Currently, you can catch them on tour with Anti-Flag, Against Me, and None More Black.

MP3.com is officially closed down, and that officially sucks. It was a great place for independent bands to host their music for people to listen to. Apparently CNET is going to be opening services to artists next year. You can read more about it here.

You can check out The Offspring’s new album on MTV.com, The Leak. The album, Splinter, will be in stores December 9. I haven’t gotten the chance to listen to the album yet, but I’m definitely gonna make my way over there and check it out. I’m sure it’s good stuff. The Leak

Something else worth checking out is The Starting Line’s acoustic EP, Make Yourself At Home. You can stream the EP over at www.radiotakeover.com. I downloaded the title track from the EP and it’s a great song.

AFI will be performing on Hard Rock Live on MTV tonight. Check your local listings for times. Oh, and I don’t give a shit what anyone says about MTV, it’s fucking AFI! Also on television tomorrow night, Jet is performing on Conan O’Brien. Thursday night, Fountains of Wayne will perform on Conan O’Brien. Be sure to check them out!

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading. Until next week, I’m out.

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as usual, nice article. i love all the little tid bits, i feel like i should stop reading the paper and just use you for my entertainment breifs. haha.

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