Welcome to BaloolaPalooza 2.0 Beta

Pardon our dust and welcome to the start of a new day. as it was known has changed. It is a change for the better, one that hopes to improve all aspects of the site in all directions.

A Clearer Vision is shifting it’s focus, after six months of full operation having weighed all options and listened to many we decided a few things, is going to be less of a music news site and more of an entertainment commentary site.
We are opening up the site to new areas and fresh ideas.
It was felt that as a news site we functioned poorly, mostly recycling news from other outlets and unfortunatly leaving much behind.
We were far from a failure though having made several scoops of our and that will continue, if we hear things before they break we’ll be sure to let you know.
We want to innovate, we want it to be cutting edge and change the way people look at entertainment. We could not do that with our previous incarnation.

A Stronger Voice

Much of the site will still be here, as the change is not as drastic as it sounds, will still be a site by and for the people consisting of reviews, interviews and columns. and it’s forums are a community of unique individuals who have pride in their opinions and will argue them to no end.
We, the staff also take pride in this and will push to see this thrive, to give everyone a voice and allow them to be heard.
The new site will do just this with daily columns from writers from all over, speaking out on entertainment and the world around them as they see fit, sparing no one and refusing to be censored.
We’re trimming the fat to build a better community, a better place to meet others and to speak out on the world around you.

A Better Architecture

What you see here is a work in progress. is being rebuilt from the ground up using web standards ( with structural xhtml and presentational CSS for all of the visual treatments, the site will be faster, easier to use, user customizable and able to work on almost anything that supports internet access, including computers, phones and PDAs alike.


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Oh god, should’ve known putting a system like this on the site would bring out all the idiots like that.

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