Is nothing sacred?

First Joan Jett, now this? According to Dlisted, Britney Spears is looking to cover Blondie’s “Atomic” on her next studio album. Surely I’m not the only one who sees what this is: A desperate grasp to regain relevancy and her stardom after trashing her image so terribly for the last few years. Britney, luv… it’s […]

New Forums are up!

Yeah my lazy ass did something. We’re now running phpBB 3 beta. The old forums will remain on our old server for the time being but are now closed. The board is not skinned and like I said it’s beta software so please try to be forgiving, I will be upgrading them along the […]

What's happening with MediaRebellion?

Good question. The truth is… we’re not sure. If you’ve never been here before… welcome, sorry there’s not much going on. If you are / were a regular… thanks for your patience. About 9 months ago the site officially went on hiatus. During this time our articles began to corrode with comment spam and our […]

Happy Holidays

On behalf of myself, J and the rest of your local Staff, we want to wish you a wonderful and safe holiday season.


Hey as you’ve probably noticed we’ve hit a lull here for a while. I’ve got a ton going on right now that are keeping me away from the organizational things that the site requires to keep running smoothly. There have been a lot of things in the works for the site that are still coming […]

MR interviews Pat Thetic of Anti-Flag at Warped Tour 2004

At this year’s Warped Tour on August 7th I got the opportunity to sit down and speak with Pat Thetic, the drummer from the politically charged Pittsburgh punk band Anti-Flag. Pat was generally an easygoing guy with strong opinions who was open for discussion and knowledgeable on pretty much anything we threw at him. We […]