Moment of Remembrance

I know the site hasn’t officially opened yet, but I’d like to take a moment and stop to remember all the people lost on this day two years ago, in NY, PA, and DC.

I especially would like to look out for the great men and women of the NYPD and NYFD who bravely fought to save as many people as possible and in some cases gave their lives.

May all of our fallen rest in peace today, but let it be known that they did not die for nothing, we are a better people today because of their sacrifice, we are closer, and much more aware of the injustices of the world, on each end of civilization. Though we may not all agree on the actions of our government since this we should be eternally greatful for the sacrifice our friends and loved ones made, for us and for eachother, for they are truely American Heros.

One reply on “Moment of Remembrance”

I’m glad you did this John. I know a lot of people say we shouldn’t relive it every time the date rolls around, but it was only two years ago and it’s still a very sad day to think about. I see nothing wrong with remembering the innocent lives lost in that tragic event, and paying tribute to the people who gave their lives trying to save others.

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