Buried Treasure – Review: "Astrocreep 2000" by White Zombie

Fast Facts

CD Title: “Astrocreep 2000”
Artist: White Zombie
Released: 1996
Standout Tracks: “I, Zombie”, “Real Solution #9”, “More Human Than Human”

Not too long ago, Rob Zombie’s lastest album, “Past, Present, and Future” hit record store shelves. Along with Zombie’s solo work, the new disc featured some old classics from White Zombie, where it all started.

With Halloween a few days ago, I figured that now would be the perfect time to review this album in Buried Treasure. “Astrocreep 2000” is one of, if not the greatest albums in the history of metal. Combining elements of industrial and techno with traditional metal and some strange sound effects work, Astrocreep is a defining moment in metal on the whole.

The first track, “Electric Head Part 1(The Agony)” displays the aforementioned sound effects work more than an y other track on the album, with the first minute or so building into the track with weird effects and voice-overs. This is followed up by “Super-Charger Heaven”, a thundering symphony of metal riffs with some voice-over stuff put in for good measure. “Real Solution Number 9”, one of the best tracks on the album, is up next. I’m not even going to describe this one, hear it for yourself, it’ll be better that way.

I’ll skip ahead a bit now, up to “I, Zombie”, which features, among other things, a sample of a classical song, a goat bleeting, and one of the catchiest riffs ever. Everybody taking the time to read this should do themselves a favour and listen to this song. And read my other columns. “More Human Than Human”, the eighth and probably best known song, is an amalgam of industrial metal and techno beats with Rob Zombie’s strangely distorted voice crooning along with it.

And thusly, my slacker review has come to a close. Honestly, I shouldn’t even have to be hyping this album, because it really shouldn’t even be buried treasure, it should be credited in a hall of fame somewhere, but alas, it is buried, and so shows up here. Thank you, and good night.

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This album was the first album I loved. White Zombie were the first group I ever cared about. Simply put I am in 100% agreement with Mr. Martin.

There will never be another White Zombie.

i remember finding this album user for 2 dollars at my local record store without a jewel case or booklet, just the CD i recognized the little robot on the disc and i almost cried

best purchase ever, if only to listen to more human than human over and over again

They are one of the all time best metal bands ever and this was their best album what more needs to be said?

Spot on…this album is a treasure trove of some of the best, most ‘definitive’ songs out there, I hesitate to call them a metal band, they’re not, they’re more than that, they’re a psychotic mixture of metal,blood and flesh.

Quite simply, in my opinion, everyone should own this album, especially those ‘nu-metal’ bands who sit, woefully inadequately in the shadow of White Zombie

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