For Whom the Bell Tolls IV

Well, I am glad you all liked my last article so much. Then again, I could just attribute it to the porn aspect as I well know that’s what some of you appreciated to most. At any rate, I will be doing my traditional reveiw for this week, but look for another rousing personal essay next week!

Literature: Dude Where’s My Country?, Michael Moore. As a Michael Moore fan and (as most of you well know) a professed liberal, you might already know what I am about to say: Amazing! Moore truely has a way of astounding me with his humor, wit, and insight. In his latest book he berrated the Bush Administration for not only the war, but it’s policies on many other issues. He brings in a good deal of reputable fact, plenty of numbers (which on some level reassuers everyone), and a good deal of off the cuff sarcasm. He is both profound and profane, and ashamed of neither. While some of his sentiments are to me (a moderate) a bit off, on the whole the book is strong in it’s convictions and humble in it’s approach. Moore has succeeded in illuminating the mind of the average American with both morbiod realities and inspirational truths. Star Rating: 4.5

Movies: Nowhere in Africa: This film is in German, subtitled (dubbing is inherently evil!) and absolutely wonderful. It takes place in Kenya during the second world war and is narrated from the point of veiw of Regina, a young Jewish girl who escapes Nazi Germany to live as a refugee in Africa with her mother and father. The movie is filled with ethusiastic landscapes and music, as well as the typically complex relationships between family members, races and the heartwrenching realities of the Holocaust. It is profound and deeply human. The simplicity of the child’s observations are moving. The relationship between the two parents that was so simple in Germany is at once complicated by the realities of war and reinvented with the help of Africa. This is perhaps one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. It doesn’t try to be either glamorous or shocking and the honesty of the film is portrayed in both the direction, the acting and the script. Go rent this movie, it’s out on DVD now! Star Rating: 5

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Thanks for the review on Dude, Where’s My Country? I bought this book back when it came out and have yet to begin reading it. I’m already in the middle of one book and don’t like to read two at once. But yeah, I’m eager to get to it.

my old roommate bought Dude wheres my country.. i was gonna borrow it from him.. but hes a douche bag and no longer lives with me. I really wanna read it because i loved bowling for columbine.. but i dunno when ill get the chance to do that.

so oh well

good reviews,


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