Wasted Words 18

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So, who watched the Super Bowl Sunday? Not me, as I couldn’t care less about football. I sure have heard a lot about the half-time show and Janet Jackson incident. Personally, I don’t understand what everyone’s getting so upset about. It’s a breast, and it wasn’t even fully exposed. She was wearing a nipple shield which prevented most of it from even being seen. Now the FCC are talking about dishing out fines. Give me a break. Kids see nearly the same stuff in the lingerie section of the JC Penny’s catalog, or even worse things in their fathers stash of Hustler magazine (trust me, I know). Oh, and don’t get me started on Justin Timberlake. He’s claiming it was unintentional, which is a total bullshit cop-out. If you’re gonna pull something like this at least have the balls to own up to it rather than apologizing and claiming it was accidental.

A good tour to look out for this summer will be No Doubt & Blink 182s CO-headlining tour. Apparently there’s still other supporting bands that will be added, though none have been announced as of yet. The tour kicks off on June 1 in Indianapolis, Indiana. I know I’ll be there to catch this odd pairing of bands.

Speaking of odd combinations, Dashboard Confessional will be heading out on tour with Thrice and the Get Up Kids. The tour is set to begin May.

An update on Further Seems Forever: It was noted a few weeks ago that the vocalist, Jason Gleason, would be leaving the band. Apparently he is sticking around long enough to finish the album the band is working on, then he will be moving on. This sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it?

Along with several reissues, Bad Religion have a new album on the way. Titled The Empire Strikes First, the album is expected to be released on June 8.

Sorry so short this week, I’m running late again. It’s been a very tiresome week for me due to some changes that took place.

Thanks for reading. Until next week, I’m out.

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hehe, be nice boys. but yeah, i wouldnt pay to see that, sorry aaron. the jackson/timberlake thing: im so fed up with the media, i really am. what i dont get is, why are they so upset about it? the entire halftime was so way oversexed, especially the janet thing, the lyrics of the song, the dancing, it was in keeping with the theme. people are so hypocritical, its not like kids havent seen that shit before… i dont think its a big deal, parents need to face the facts and stop trying to hide sex from thier kids, and everyone needs to stop being so hypocritical… our whole society (especially entertainment) is sex sex and more sex, so what if a few sheltered kids saw a bit ‘o tit? give me a break

It’s no problem Bell, you’re just stating your opinion. It’s comments like Johns that rub me the wrong way, or maybe I’m just in a bad mood.

hehe it was a joke man relax,

i was just commenting how they are two bands who used to be good with real strong punk influence and have basically ditched it all for a more marketable pop sound, that, in my opinion is nowhere neaar as good as what they started out with.

No Doubt is essentially a new wave band now, and i dunno what the fuck Blink is anymore

how can you possibly say their new album is even remotely like chesire cat… or even dude ranch for that matter?

I never said it was anything like those albums, but I still consider them a pop-punk band. Cheshire Cat & Dude Ranch were faster, pop-punk with more of a punk influence. Enema was slower pop-punk, with more influence on the pop. With Take Off Your Pants & Jacket, I feel they went back to some of their old style that they had with their first two albums, but included their style from Enema as well. It was a great album. Of course, their new album is nothing close to their previous efforts and the sound has changed quite a bit. What’s really wrong with change? I’d much rather an artist change and evolve their style than to hear them release the same old album year after year. If they did that, you might as well call them Pennywise or NOFX. Don’t get me wrong, I love NOFX(and I own quite a few of their albums) and I enjoy some of Pennywise but most of their shit sounds the same. I get so tired of hearing people hollar “sellout” at the first mention of someone changing their sound. It’s so fucking old. If you ask me, it took some balls to change up and go with the sound they chose for this album. They could’ve stuck with what they knew people would like and buy, the proven formula, but they took a chance on something new. It’s a shame most people don’t share that same mentality. They’d rather see bands release the same old recycled bullshit. Not me, my friend. Not me at all.

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