28 Days Later

Even thought we cling to the idea that only Hollywood blockbusters are the dominating force in movies that are deemed “good”. From my experience, this simply isn’t true. Many films come out of the indies with new styles of direction, a different perspective on filmmaking and a dose of life into innovation. The Blair Witch Project. Equilibrium. May.

And now 28 Days Later.

Let’s get an idea of what this movie is about. Many call it a zombie movie. The movie is similar to a zombie movie in many ways – a outbreak of a virus results in the collapse of civilization as blood-hungry “infected” overrun the cities. The movie’s version of zombies are different from the common conception – no slow, stumbling decayed people screaming “Brains!”. They’re infected with the virus, but didn’t die, so they’re not hindered by decayed flesh and muscle, so they don’t stumble – they run at you.

As you might have noticed, my policy with this column is not to give away much of the movie’s plot. I want you to go find out yourself. I won’t waste your time with trash movies, so don’t fear. Trash in, trash out, get it?

The movie is unique in that it holds the audience’s tension from the very beginning to the very end. It simply doesn’t let go. There not much special effects. It’s all low-budget. But it’s very, very gory – that means alots of blood here, folks – and the film quality is a bit poor. Maybe it’s a technical thing, maybe it’s the decision of the director. Either way, it fits the movie very well. They actually made two endings for the movie – one happy and one not-so-happy. The happy one is shown with the movie originally because they felt that we, the viewers, prefer happy endings in movies. I would frown down on that, but I don’t mind that much, since they did release the original director’s ending later, and on the video/DVD they included both endings. So it’s all good.

Do go and see this movie, folks. It’s a bit late for halloween, but there’s always a time for scary movies. At least for me there always are.

As usual, I kept the column short in hopes that you’ll actually read it all, instead of just reading the first paragraph, and heading right to the *cough* forums.
Good night all.

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yeah, agreed, awesome movie. i love low budget indie films, they’re always so much more substantial. if you like indie i suggest you see 13. great movie, i havent seen may yet, but ive heard great things about it an dplan to see it soon. great column thnaks!

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