Amazing Bands that You're Not Listening To…but I am! PART ONE

It should be common knowledge to all by now that I have a serious love for music. Most of the bands on my top 10 favorite-all-time bands are ones that some of you know and love. However, my musical penchants extend themselves far beyond the top 10 list.

Today I would like to discuss some of the albums I own in my collection that when people look through it, they say “yeah..don’t know who that is.” These are bands that I seriously recommend you all give a listen to, for the betterment of society. or something of that sort.

Jeff Buckley
There have been many amazing singer songwriters in my life time. Pete Yorn, Ben Folds, Connor Oberst, the list goes on and on. I think you probably haven’t heard of Jeff Buckley in the news or on television, probably because unfortunately, he’s dead. He died back in 1996 when he was swimming and drowned after a collision with a boat. However, he should still be remembered and talked about today. His voice is like an angel. His guitar skills were incredible. His lyrics…amazing. The way he sang his songs with such a sad but inviting feel makes him perfect for every rainy day or broken heart. I couldn’t describe the genre, because he really doesn’t fit into any one. He’s just really, really, really good.
Recommended Download by Jeff Buckley: “Last Goodbye”

The Eels
There are not enough words in the English language to describe how I feel about The Eels. Infact, to describe them I shall have to make up a word that means “fucking incredible.” The Eels are absolutely…shilpadoo. What makes them so shilpadoo you ask? Well…I’m not really sure exactly what it is. Their songs are really cool and fun and catchy as hell. They rock out like nothing else. They make the perfect band to get drunk to, work to, chill to, or do just about anything to. They are also amazing to see live. What makes the band so amazing is the front man, known only as Mr. E. He is weird, and badass, and he has the coolest voice I’ve ever seen. For such a small man he is absolutely electrifying to watch. They are just straight up rock. No frills. Just pure shilpadoo goodness!
Recommended Download by The Eels: “Novocain for the Soul”

The June Spirit
For those of you who hate emo don’t even consider reading this section. The June Spirit is totally emo, but completely incredible. The only problem with liking them is that you’re not going to see them in concert because they broke up already..twice. The first time was only temporary and they came back with a new awesome singer, but the second time it was for good and the June Spirit is no longer around. However that should not prevent you from investing in listening to them. Both singers are really great. The lyrics are all sad and poignant. The guitars send chills down my spine. The June Spirit are perfect for those times when you’re just sad, and want to listen to music that will make you even sadder. Its pure emo goodness.
Recommended Download by The June Spirit: “..And the Radio Played the Hits”

To all my readers out there, have a very shilpadoo Christmas, and a Shpadoinkle New Year

Until next time…turn off your friggin’ radios.

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