Fill up with Phillip: Volume 1

The Column has finally arrived here at the great It is so nice to finally be able to write for this website once again. My column will mostly revolve around the sports world unless something else big pops up that I want to write about.

This week’s edition will be about the NCAA College Football Bowl Championship games that a Top 25 team will be competing in. The GMAC Bowl has already taken place, and Miami of Ohio stuck it to Louisville 49 to 28. Not many people know much about Ben Roethlisberger. He’s the outstanding quarterback for Miami of Ohio. Many feel that he will be the first quarterback taken in next year’s NFL draft. From the looks of things this year in the NFL, it appears as though the Arizona Cardinals could use a new quarterback because there is no way that Jeff Blake can get it done in the NFL. Roethlisberger has been the only total package in a quarterback in the NCAA this season and has led his team to 13 straight victories. This man is one to look out for next year in the NFL. Now we are going to take a look at the remaining big bowl games. I will analyze them (some more than others) then predict the winner.

Fort Worth Bowl
Texas Christian vs. Boise State
-All the hoopla that was made for TCU this season got shut down when Louisville destroyed them toward the end of the year. I was very happy when this happened. Why you ask? Because TCU was very overrated for not playing anyone very good, and they were beat by a mediocre team. I think this will be a close game however.
Winner: Boise State

Alamo Bowl
Michigan State vs. Nebraska
-If this game had happened two weeks ago, I would’ve picked Nebraska. However, Nebraska took it upon themselves to fire a great coach in Frank Solich. Bad idea by the Huskers, and I think it will effect them in this game.
Winner: Michigan State

Holiday Bowl
Texas vs. Washington State
-Come on! This is a no brainer!
Winner: Texas

Sun Bowl
Oregon vs. Minnesota
-I don’t know a lot about either of these teams. So I’m flipping a coin.
Winner: Minnesota

Liberty Bowl
Utah vs. Southern Miss
-This game will be an exciting one. Both teams bring fairly impressive offenses into the game.
Winner: Southern Miss

Outback Bowl
Iowa vs. Florida
-Come on. This game is a no brainer, also. Florida Gators are going to destroy Iowa. Seriously.
Winner: Florida

Gator Bowl
Maryland vs. West Virginia
-This is a tough choice. Both have had fairly good seasons. Maryland fought hard toward the end of the season. West Virginia put on a VERY good performance against Miami Hurricanes. Hmmm…
Winner: West Virginia

Capital One Bowl
Georgia vs. Purdue
-On paper this looks like a good game. However, I believe Georgia will be looking to impress the nation after their ugly defeat at the hands of LSU in the SEC Championship game.
Winner: Georgia

Rose Bowl
Michigan vs. USC
-Everyone expects USC to run all over Michigan in this game to prove that they are the true number one team. Well, I think that is pure B.S. After beating no quality teams all year, why should they be number 1? USC brings in mediocre defense against the nation’s best offensive back in Chris Perry. I expect Perry to have a big game on the ground and bring it home for the Wolverines.
Winner: Michigan

Orange Bowl
Miami vs. Florida State
-Hopefully this game will be better than the one they had earlier this year. In that mud soaked game, Florida State had turnover after turnover after turnover, which led to a loss. Brock Berlin feels like he has something to prove to his Hurricane teammates, but I expect Chris Rix to come out firing for the Seminoles.
Winner: Florida State

Cotton Bowl
Mississippi vs. Oklahoma State
-Ole Miss brings one of the best quarterbacks in the country into this game in Eli Manning. Expect Manning to have a big game.
Winner: Mississippi

Peach Bowl
Tennessee vs. Clemson
-Tennessee had a big win over Miami this year IN Miami. So I’m going with them.
Winner: Tennessee

Fiesta Bowl
Kansas State vs. Ohio State
-Buckeyes look strong in this one, but then again Kansas State did run over Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship.
Winner: Ohio State

The last bowl left is the Sugar Bowl, which I will be covering in its own column on January 3. All these games don’t appear like they will disappoint. If you are a fan of football, this is what you want to watch. These guys play their hearts out. I’ll be back next week with another, The Column.

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