Album Review: A Crow Left of the Murder

After coming off of Llollapalooza 2003, multiplatinum-selling artists, Incubus returned to the studio, but it wasn’t located in California. “Well, we actually decided to do our record this time around, not in our comfort zones. We went to Atlanta, Georgia,” said Brandon Boyd (Lead Singer of Incubus). So, like usual, Incubus is attempting to be […]

The Master of Illusions Strikes!

Title: Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace Platform: Game Boy Advance Publisher: Activision Developer: Vicarious Visions Back in 2001, Vicarious Visions released Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace for the Game Boy Advance. This time around ol’ Webhead is taking on the master of illusions, Mysterio, who has enlisted the aid of many of Spidey’s nemeses in his quest to destroy […]

The Decay of Society: Videogames in America

(By Guest Author ‘Chaos’) Videogames have vastly changed over the period of time that they have existed, since the days of the Atari 2600 and the arcades. Technology has vastly improved the performance of the games as well as the graphical realism and quality. Technology isn’t the only thing that has changed videogames, however. Some […]

A Peerless Perspective.

A STORY There once was a man who did something somewhere. He didn’t do it here, though. So if you feel like bringing it up… bite me. WASTED TALENT A while back, I talked about my column on alchoholic musicians. People kept coming up to me with suggestions. But they came to me with people […]

Short 'N' Sweet

Well here I am. Finally. Well, kind of. I’d say it’s been a long time coming in regards to me getting my column up and running on but if I did say that I’d be lying because this is NOT the premier edition of The RKane Domain. This is more an… introduction of sorts. […]

Open Mic w/ Bear F'N Frazer: Contra-Celebrity

Controversy is something that surrounds us. Society places celebrities on a pedestal and talks all high and mighty about their new Hollywood attribute. However, when media exposes this new-found star and puts them under the bright lights, it allows our new accused TV sensation to get criticized by the society that made them. It’s like, […]

Wasted Words 19

Recommended download: Remembering Never – From My Cold Dead Hands Wow, look at that. It’s on time this week. I’m getting back to a semi-regular schedule this week, thankfully. I’ve got some short album reviews this week, as well as a few small news bits. Enjoy. Silverstein – When Broken Is Easily Fixed: One word […]