Short 'N' Sweet

Well here I am. Finally. Well, kind of. I’d say it’s been a long time coming in regards to me getting my column up and running on but if I did say that I’d be lying because this is NOT the premier edition of The RKane Domain. This is more an… introduction of sorts. Unfortunately time restraints have kept me from knocking up a full-blown column but I assure ya’ll that the first edition will be here soon. I’ve got a few gigs to review, as well as a whole bunch of other stuff so it’ll be worth the wait. For now though I’m going to touch upon my foremost area of expertise, that being the metal scene. This year’s looking to be a damn good year for all us metalheads so with that in mind here’s some (extremely brief) news and whatnot…

– Dry Kill Logic are set to release their new LP “The Dead & Dreaming” sometime within the coming months. All the tracks have been finished and there looks to be 11 in total. At the moment they’re just finalizing the track titles and then all should be set. Head on over to and you can hear “200 Years”, one of the new tracks and one helluva kick-ass song. I for one am looking forward to this album a whole damn bunch.

– 62 more days until Fear Factory release their new album “Archetype”. I’ll have more info soon but oddly enough I actually have very little clue as to what’s going on with the new album.

– Rob Halford is finally back where he belongs with Judas Priest after 12 years out on his own and they are set to tour this year, as well as having several projects in the works. No news on a new album as of yet though.

– In related news former Priest singer Tim “Ripper” Owens is now providing the vocals for Iced Earth, whom recently released “The Glorious Burden” LP that, coincidentally, has attained the highest chart position worldwide in Iced Earth’s history.

I’m afraid that’s it for now folks. Extremely short I know and very sparse on the news but it can’t be helped. I’ll have plenty of news next time though (since I’ll actually have time to hunt for info) and I’m predicting that the first actual column will be up within the next two weeks. Definitely no later than that.

Anywayz metalloids, keep moshin’ and keep safe!


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definitly a good start Rich.

My only suggestions (besides your own critique) is to use bolds and underlines where necessary to break things up more maybe.

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