Why BP.com is so Damn Special

There are just a few things I want to say, but first, I would like to give thanks. Ever since BaloolaPalooza opened up, we have gotten a ton of traffic. A lot of people are checkin’ us out, more users on the message board, and above all, it is you, the people who want to be apart of this that have made the first few days of our opening nothing but a success, so all the BP-Heads out there, I just want to say thank you for supporting us all.
I tell all of y’all what though. Since we opened up, somebody asked me, “Hey Bear … let me ask you something. What makes BP.com so different from other sites? What makes BaloolaPalooza so damn special?” Well, I will tell you.
There is something about this site that makes us separate from all other entertainment websites, and that is anyone is welcome to write for the website. Let’s think about it … there aren’t many sites out there that allow individuals to write a story, a review, a column, whatever. Bottom line is that a lot of sites don’t let the people who want to write for their respective sites to join staff. It’s like a lot of sites think they’re too good for people like you and me to write for them, and that severely pisses me off. Ever since day one, I said anyone who wants to be apart of BP.com in any way, shape, or form can join us and have his or her voice heard. That is why BaloolaPalooza is so special because unlike other music web sites, we let anyone who has a passion for this music to be heard.
Not a lot of sites want their fans or users to join their staff. Well, like I said … we ain’t any other site. We’re very special, very different, and very giving. I feel this is a family, no joke. See, it doesn’t matter if you are the best writer in the world, or the worst writer on the planet. If you want to write, I will let you. I want my users to write if they have a desire and I won’t deny anyone that right. I’ll let anyone tryout and if they are good, they are on board, in my eyes. Think about it, there are tons of teenagers, people like you and I, who want to be noticed, appreciated, and have a chance to write for a music entertainment site. I love music and I have no regrets doing BP.com as a matter of fact, my only regret would be not opening this place sooner, because frankly, I always wanted to be a reporter who got to talk about one of the few passions I have, and that’s music.
So everyone, please do me a favor. If you are reading this now and a friend asks why you you’re reading the information on this site or why BaloolaPalooza is so special, then link them to this editorial and open their eyes. In closing, I’m not anyone I’m just an average individual who has the drive and ambition to run a site fan based and fan created.
I’ll end it with Primer 55 … “I ain’t got nothing but love for this crew.”