What rhymes with heartless bastard?

I’ve been writing songs since I was about 16. However, creating music only works for me when I’m all angsty and sad. What will follow has been my song writin’ situation for the past couple days. (i’ve been going through a tough time with an ex so i have plenty to write about)

My guitar is on my lap. The chord progression is different than im used to but still sounds good, and it even contains my favorite chord (F# Major played open hitting all the strings on the way up).

The melody? Its good! Its better than alot of other melodies I have thought of, and even have some of the cool June Spirit’esq triplets.

……………………Lyrics? Fuck me. Why the hell can’t I think of lyrics?

…”Do you think of me? when you’re…”
shit..ok. Think Nina, what would he be doing with that whore he’s dating?

..”Do you think of me when you’re lying wrapped up in her arms?”
ok good start now..arm….arm….harm? farm? chicken parm? alarm? HARM! Yes…

..”Do you think of me, and how you said you never want to cause me harm”

eh..ok..its an alright start. better pickitup pickitup! (ska! hah!)
Ok Nina..what has been on your mind when you think about him and that girl.

..”Do you think of me, when you lie down and kiss her goodnight?”
GOOD! You actually said that to him so thats pretty relevant.

Ok now the next one, you have to think of something interesting. Something that hasn’t been done before. What would be cool…it has to rhyme i guess. “do you think of me when you are out there flying a kite?” no….thats lame….”when you poke her eyes out and rob her of her site?” very oedipus, not very nina.

Ah fuck it, go with what seems natural

…”do you think of me, when you’re in bed, holding her tight”

OK that sucks, but thats all I can think of. Must add cool JS’esq triplet here to make it sound cool even though the lyrics suck.

Enough verse! ON TO THE BRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

(F # MAJOR!) “How could you do this…” (A!) “..to me?” (F# MAJOR!) “How could you do this?” (A!) “What happened to your heart?”

YES!!!!!! HAH! That will make that jerk think! And its relevant. I think i’ve found my hook! Hooray!

*songwriting tip* (I’d say to all the aspiring song writers in there, make sure every song you have has a hook. Even a little teeny unnoticible hook, but a hook.) Now back to the stupid second verse.

Ok Now E major, E major again, B, A

My last pick falls into the body of my acoustic.

Fuck it…that jerk doesn’t diserve a song about him anyway.

….i bet Conor O’berst never had this problem.
boy do i suck.

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“Fuck it…that jerk doesn’t diserve a song about him anyway.”

i dont know why but i think that was fuckin great

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