Wasted Words 15

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So here I am again, typing my last minute column. Seems to be the norm as of late. Nothing really exciting has happened in the past week. I haven’t watched any new movies or purchased any new albums. So what else is there? I guess I could toss out a few paragraphs on B2K splitting up or Britney getting married. But who would give a shit? I, for one, sure as hell don’t. So why is it that everywhere I turn, this is what I see and hear? Because we are a nation full of nosey fuckers, that’s why. Most people are so caught up and concerned with what’s going on in other peoples personal lives, that they can’t keep their own life in check. Hell, our own beloved president is even guilty of this. He’d much rather spend some-odd billion dollars on going to war and helping out another country, instead of putting some of that money into improving our educational systems, or helping the homeless. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m sick of all these nibshits. Just for once, I’d like to turn on the news or MTV and hear some real news, as opposed to who Fred Durst is stalking this week or Ben Affleck and J’Lo breaking up for the umpteenth time. Unless that means J’Lo will be banging on my door in the middle of the night, looking for a shoulder to cry on and a night of hot, sweaty, meaningless sex, then I don’t care. Get your own personal life people and let other people live theirs. Sorry for the rant, but this tabloid news bullshit just gets old. Onto more important things.

Britney Spears was spotted leaving the hotel with…..just kidding.

Want to do something to help out music? Sick of the same old bullshit clouding the airwaves? Well, then, one of the most important things you can do to help out music, is to support your local scene. Go to shows. Buy merchandise, whether it be a T-shirt, a demo, or even a sticker. Pitch in and help out. Why should you do this? Because local, unsigned bands are the future of music. Think about what would have happened if no one went to see AFI, Rancid, or even Metallica when they first started playing shows. We’d be without some great bands. Granted, I personally could do without Metallica right now, but you get my point. Not only that, but most local shows are better than a lot of bigger shows. They tend to take place in smaller venues, such as a bar or a night club. There’s a lot more interaction between the artists and the fans, which makes it a bit more intimate, for lack of a better word. It’s cool to get to talk to the band members after their set, shake their hands and congratulate them on a good show, or maybe even buy them a beer. You can also make a lot of new friends and acquaintances, as I have done. Here’s a list of several local bands from my area that I either follow or have seen play. Feel free to post some bands from your own area.

Oblique – Alt-Metal – I’ve followed this band for about a year now, and have seen them play quite a few times. Each time seeing them only gets better than the last. Not only that, but Chad(vocals) and Nick(bass) are pretty chill guys. I’m sure the rest of the band is too, but they’re the two I’ve spoken with. Recommended if you like Tool, Perfect Circle, or Therapy.

Numb – Chicago Emocore – So they’re not actually a local band from my area, rather from Chicago. I’ve followed their music for several months now, after seeing them play at the Black Summerfest in New Castle, Indiana. I recently saw them play for the second time, at a local bar called The Speakeasy. They put on a hell of a show, with Tony(vocals) taking a leap off of the balcony, through strands of Christmas lights and into the drunken crowd. His stunt got them banned from the bar, but damn it was great. Look for their new demo out soon.

The Retreads – Punk Rock – I’ve only seen these guys play once, but they were great. I’ve got two of their albums, Dumb Kids and Highway to Hellsinki. The first was more of a pop-punk record, while Highway…(my fav) is more of a faster, classic rock n roll influenced punk sound.

Losing September – Alternative/Emo – They don’t play many shows in my area, but I did see them play a few months ago. It was an outside show and everyone was freezing their ass’s off, but it was worth it. Good show, decent sound. They’ve just recently recorded a new disc as well.

Hellwinkle – Indiana’s Heavy Groove, loud, rude, melodic, power trio – In their own words from the bands web site. These guys have been at it since 1992 and have become a very important part of the local Muncie scene. I saw them play last winter at the Dead Leaf Festival and they put on a great show. I’ll be seeing them play again at the end of the month, when the Festival takes place again.

Mantis – Rock n Roll mother fucker – I’ve yet to see these guys play. Every time I’m planning on it, something fucks it up. I have heard a few songs by them, and I can’t wait to finally see their live show, which I will do at the end of the month at the Dead Leaf Festival.

HG – Metal/Hardcore – Unfortunately, this band broke up before I had the opportunity to see them play a live show. I downloaded their EP though, and it’s some good shit to bang your head to. Tommy(bass) can still be found screaming his heart out during his guest spot with Oblique on their track, Mason.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, I’m out.

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Thanks for mention means a lot and cant wait for you to hear some of our newer material much harder and a little more melodic.

Hope to see Jan 24th at the speakeasy



hey aaron… thanks for the “mad ups”… i feel exactly where you’re coming from. i don’t find it to be a rant at all, you bring up many valid points, and i find it a shame that more people don’t share your view.

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