The Bear Truth 1

It is a new semester and a new year, but I am still your Editor-In-Chief. I know you’re all happy and I can’t blame ya. I take pride in being your editor and being the best journalist this side of the Mississippi. So without further a dui, I’ll let the column begin.

One of the founding fathers of rap, Russell Simmons, is planning a “Hip-Hop Woodstock” which would be held in Atlanta, Georgia over a two-day period. “Just as music played an important role in the changing of our culture after the original Woodstock, we are again at a turning point where music, specifically hip-hop, will have a role in shaping our future. It’s time to take that responsibility seriously,” said Simmons in a press statement about the festival. This is very interesting, because the last time we saw an event like this was Woodstock ’99, and on the final day, after the Red Hot Chili Peppers played their set, there were riots. Stands were burned, bathrooms were knocked over, and a lot of other stuff was destroyed. It was terror. Given those events, it will be interesting to see the plan for this, “Hip Hop Woodstock,” and if it does happen, only one would wonder what will become of it. Of course, if the plan goes through, a lot of major hip-hop acts will be on the bill, and rumors of Ludichris, Eminem, and Nelly are being thrown around.

There are a bunch of bands in the studio right now recording albums. Limp Bizkit is in the midst of putting the finishing touches on their fourth studio album, “Less Is More.” The spot for the guitarist hasn’t been filled, but Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, Brian “Head” Welch of KoRn, Page Hamilton of Helmet, and Al Jourgense of Ministry have been aiding Limp with their project. Fred Durst claims this will be the heaviest Limp Bizkit album of all, and could lead to a new genre of rock. I am simply looking forward to when it comes out in April 1st. I don’t care what anyone says, Limp Bizkit rocks. In other news, Linkin Park will be releasing their sophomore project, “Meteora,” which is due out in stores on March 25th, with the lead off track being, “Somewhere I Belong.” Just like their first effort, “[Hybrid Theory],” this album will have no special guest appearances. Speaking of sophomore albums, Hoobastank has begun work on writing their next album, which so far as no title. Doug Robb, the frontman, says that he would like to start recording in a month, though doesn’t expect the project to hit stores until August.

Looks like R. Kelly has done it again. After claiming he never had sex with an under-age teen, he was arrested for 12 counts of child pornography. Police found a digital camera that belonged to him with 12 shots of a minor on it, and three of which depict him in a sexual act. This really doesn’t look too good for R. Kelly. I’m not saying that he did this … just implying that R. Kelly is getting deeper and deeper into a hole. No, not that hole, you sick perverts.

Lastly, due to time restraints, I would like to comment on American Idol. The best time to watch American Idol is the tryout period. The episodes have been aired for the past two weeks and I get a kick out of it every time when I see people who can’t either A.) Sing, B.) Have an attitude, or C.) Looks like their mother dressed them. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to have your mother dress you … well, yea, I probably am, aren’t I? In any event, there’s few talent out there this year, and even though Simon tore some of the contestants a new rear end and even though it was funny, I admire those rejected to keep on following on with their dream. This is one show I will definitely be watching this season.

Looks like all for this issue… I’ll catchy ya on the flipside.
-Bear Frazer