Spotlight: Wulfgang: Hottest Metal Outfit in Charlotte!

     When I asked bassist, James Johnson how he described his band, Wulfgang, he replied with them sounding like, “Motley Crue with Joan Jett, with a Kiss pyro show.”
     Wulfgang, the hottest metal band in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, began in 1988 as a band with a bunch of friends, however, once they started getting popular, the band started getting serious in 1991. Along with being serious came changes in the group. The latest lineup consists of Joanna Brooks (Lead Singer), Vee Patrick (Guitarist), James Johnson (Bassist), and Stephen Stixx (Drummer). Speaking of the band, some of the members are influenced by other artists. Such an example is Vee Patrick, who is influenced by Saliva, Soundgarden, and Jimi Hendrix. James Johnson, for one, has been influenced by Kiss, Motley Crue, and John Mellencamp.
     Since 1991, they put out five albums, and are on the verge of releasing their third studio album, “Unleash the Beast,” a follow-up to their 2000 release, “Love Ain’t Easy,” which sold all 1,000 copies in it’s first week.
     “Unleash the Beast” is still in the process of being finished. Some of the tracks include titles, such as, “Forever,” and Vee Patrick’s favorites, “Breeze,” and “Selfish Needs.” When I asked Vee why these were his favorite songs on the album, he said, “They’re good metal songs to bang your head to. They have a great groove to it.”
     The best suggestion to any Wulfgang fan out there is to buy, “Unleash the Beast,” once it comes out, which is slated for March 1rst. Only 1,500 copies will be produced, so reserve your order today. The album will be available at FYE,,,, and And if that isn’t enough, the band will be releasing a DVD, entitled, “Unleash the Best,” which will comprise of Wulfgang‘s best performances.
     I highly recommend anyone in the area of Charlotte to check out their live shows. Wulfgang thrives on live shows because they love putting on shows that people would love to see. And seriously, it’s not everyday you get to see a guitarist set himself on fire. And if that’s not enough, they purchased a pyro system that Kiss used once before. There is a lot of excitement at the shows, that’s for sure. Vee Patrick commented that, “If somebody went to our show and hated it, I’d give them back five bucks.”
     Wulfgang will be supporting their new album by playing some shows. The only shows that are confirmed are at Amos’ on February 20th, a venue in Charlotte that Saliva and Coldplay has performed. Also, Bogey’s Bistro will have the band there on March 1st. The group has traveled as far as Texas, so it is more than likely that you will have multiple opportunities to see them live. The band is just having fun, and if you wanna have fun too, check out Wulfgang.
     For more information on Wulfgang, check out their website: or call their hotline at 704-723-WULF
I’d just like to say, when I interviewed and hung out with these individuals, they were very polite, very cool, and very real. So I ask everyone here at to check out and show some respect to the group who welcomed me with open arms. Pics of the band shall be up in a few days. Thank you. – Bear Frazer.