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I have spoken to many people about my extensive c.d. collection. All 345 of them hold a special place in my heart, even Kid Rock’s “Devil Without A Cause” which I bought in 9th grade during my rap metal phase. Some of these well worn babies go into more rotation than others. For example, NOFX’s “Punk in Drublic” gets more play time than say, the burned copy of Alien Ant Farm’s “ANThology” which my exboyfriend Josh gave me back in high school. It is in this spirit that I bring you today’s article, a peek at three of the most beloved albums in my collection, the history, the meaning behind them and why they rock so very much.

“Life in General”- MxPx
History: This little gem was purchased in late fall of 1997. Christina Inella (a good friend of mine back then) and I had walked down to Slipped Disc in search of new music to rock out to in her basement. Christina has pointed out the c.d. to me, telling me that she “heard really good things about it.” So I bought it with the money I had scammed out of my mother somehow and we brought it back to her house. The second the guitars kicked in on the first track, I knew I was going to rock out to this for a long, long time. And I was right.
Meaning: The entire c.d. itself represents probably the worst year of my life, 8th grade. However, instead of a bad symbol, it reminds me of the times when I was so happy, jumping around in Christina’s basement despite the horrible things that were going on in my life. The upbeat music and lyrics kept my spirit up when all I wanted to do was disappear and never come back. Life was horrible for me, but this album made everything a little bit brighter. The song with the most meaning for me would have to be “Do your feet hurt?.” It is about having really strong feelings for someone, and trying to let them know. I used to dream that I would meet someone who would sing this to me, and then I met someone who actually did. It is the only song on the c.d. which still makes me feel the way I did when I was a little wanna-be punk rocker at age 14.
“How will I get through tomorrow if I can’t make it through today? How will I get through tomorrow when today is in my way?”

“Whatever and Ever, Amen”-Ben Folds Five
History: My brother gave this to me when I was a freshman in high school. At first, I thought it was going to be lame because I had heard “Brick” on the radio and I wasn’t really into it. I really didn’t give it much of a chance until March break of my freshman year when I needed something to calm me down on the plane ride to Florida (I really hate flying!) The I popped it in, and the whole rock mixed with piano thing really got to me. It became a permanent fixture in my c.d. rotation.
Meaning: The real meaning behind this c.d. does not revolve around the c.d. itself. When I was 15 I met Pete Morgan, a gorgeous kid who was smart, and funny and wonderful. We met at a Blue Meanies Concert when I accidentally spilled soda all over him. Sparks city folks. So our first real date was when he and I went to go see Ben Folds Five at Summer Stage in Central Park. It was a warm June evening. We sat on the grass behind the stage listening to the music and talking. It got chilly and he held me closer to him. As Ben sweetly sang “Evaporated” (which is by far and away the BEST song on that album) Pete turned to me and we shared our very first kiss beneath the clear night sky. It was this first kiss from what would turn out to be my very first love. Sometimes I will put it on and remember the night when I felt like I was invincible.
“I poured my heart out. It evaporated…see?”

“Head On the Door”-The Cure
History: Ok..it’s not Boy’s Don’t Cry. It’s not Disentegration. But dammit, it’s my favorite Cure album. I bought this about 2 years ago when I realized how super sweet The Cure is. I bought it at the record store right next to DoJo’s on St. Mark’s Place in Greenwich Village. I remember thinking, “I really need a Cure album or else my life will not ever be complete.” Boy was I right.
Meaning: Over the summer I took a lot of indulgence in only working twice a week. During my days off I would sit in my hammock in my backyard with a beer, my cigarettes, and the Cure rocking on my stereo. This album is the best to just chill out to. When I had a huge party over the summer it was what was playing for a bit and it really brought everyone together. When I listen to it as the leaves fall and the sky gets dark by 5, I can still feel the summer sun and the slow motion rocking of the hammock as all my cares melted away. The best song on the album? It’s a toss up between “In Between Days” and “Close to Me.” And for the record? Robert Smith rules.
“Yesterday I got so scared I shivered like a child. Yesterday away from you it froze me deep inside. Come back, come back, don’t walk away.”

I’ll do more when I feel like it. Until next time, turn off your friggin radio. .

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i always love your column!!

that was awesome. and i agree, whatever and ever amen is a guilty pleasure of mine. punk in druiblic is one of my all time favorite cd’s.

very nice…i love the commentary and the mean behind all of them.

Great column Nina. I like MxPx, though I only own two of their CD’s. Let It Happen and The Renaissance EP. Both are pretty kick ass.

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