Guns N Roses Tribute: Bring You to Your Knees

Guns N Roses Tribute: Bring You to Your Knees
2004 Law of Inertia Records

Being a fan of both hardcore and Guns N Roses, I was excited when I heard there was going to be a tribute to G’N’R by hardcore bands. I was even more excited when I saw the lineup of bands who were taking part in the tribute. Bleeding Through, Every Time I Die, Unearth…this can’t be bad. Hardcore bands covering Guns N Roses songs? Can’t get much better than that, right? Wrong.

Zombie Apocalypse leads off the album with their version of Welcome to the Jungle. When the guitar intro to the song started playing, I had memories of junior high. They pulled it off really well. Unfortunately, once past the intro they completely butcher the song. “Do you know where you are,” the vocalist rings out. “You’re in the graveyard, you’re dead!” No, but any hope of the rest of this compilation being any good probably is. Skipping past You’re Crazy by Haste brings us to the third track on the album, which is Vaux covering 14 Years. This track was actually pulled off well, mostly because they stuck somewhat to the sound of the original song. Vaux isn’t an extremely heavy band, so this song suits them well. Unearth cover It’s So Easy, which isn’t very good either. I like Unearth, but this song just isn’t very good. In fact, the only shining moment is when the vocalist screams out, “Hey Axl, fuck off!” Odd that he would say that while paying a tribute to the band, but whatever. If you want a good laugh, skip to track number seven and listen to Most Precious Bloods version of Sweet Child O Mine. This album isn’t a complete loss really, as there are a few good songs on here. The Vaux track I mentioned, as well as the superb cover of Nighttrain by Break the Silence, Every Time I Die going acoustic on I Used to Love Her, and November Rain by Time in Malta are all really great tracks. However, five or six good songs out of fourteen just doesn’t feel like money well spent. Good thing I downloaded it.

As I said, the album does have some good tracks that make it worth listening to. Not counting the ones I mentioned, The Beautiful Mistake and Bleeding Through pull out some decent tracks as well. I wouldn’t recommend paying full price for it though. Download it like I did and if you like it, drop five bucks on it in the used bin. Otherwise, skip it.

Recommended tracks: Time in Malta November Rain, The Beautiful Mistake Estranged, Bleeding Through Rocket Queen

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I can’t say I hate it, but I’m glad I didn’t rush out and buy it. I’m at least not out any money. It just didn’t live up to my expectations.

BTW, I think this is the first semi-bad review I’ve given an album since I’ve started writing for the site.

I’m really not a fan of any of the bands on that CD and what I’ve heard from it is generally crud.

However, I though Eighteen Visions’ covers of “Paradise City” was outstanding.

That will always be the problem with cover albums though, very VERY hit-and-miss.

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