Enjoy The Silence 7

The world we live is a very dangerous place sometimes – fact. The saddest fact of all is that our children may never leave our shores for fear of what may happen to them.

In my recent artictle I discussed my objections to the western world playing god to the Arab lands, but in more recent thoughts I have come to think the tide is turning and it will be the other way around… to a certain degree anyhow.

Today it was revealed that Kenneth Bigley, the Briton held hostage in Iraq had been executed by his the rebel group lead by Iraq’s most wanted man, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. After a torturous few weeks for the Bigley family the incident today concluded with his family confirming on national news that Ken had been murdered.

The power of Terrorism becomes more and more strong with each act of violence they endure upon the innocent. They kill, the public become scared, President cannot do anything to stop it, public lose faith and Terrorists score a victory over the Democracies attempting to eradicate them.

Three incidents in recent years come to mind,

1. Madrid Bombings
2. Beslan school massacre (Russia)
3. The recent hostage scenario in Iraq

What do all 3 of these have in common? They are attacks against countries whose leadership is in the balance! Spain have already changed leader, believed strongly to be down to their support of the US & UK in the Iraq war, the Madrid bombing further solidified the public’s demand for a change in power. The same in Russia, where President Putin’s reign looks to be in danger in a forth-coming election. The Chechan rebels are inflicting as much damage to his credibility as possible to ensure that the Russian public demand a withdrawl of Russian troops from Chechnya. Then we have Iraq, both George W Bush and Tony Blair have come under massive criticism for the Iraq war and their inability to secure the freedom of the 3 hostages add further fuel to the fire that could proverbially burn them out of office.

So to me appears that the Terrorists have taken a more sophisticated method of converting people to their cause. Rather than bomb countries into submission, they are now using politics to aid their cause. They are doing their utmost to significantly affect the outcome of elections in the world’s most powerful nations to ensure the next era of leadership do not stand in their way.

As a democratic world we must not allow these people to influence our decisions when we vote, if you want Bush or Blair out make sure it’s for the right reasons. But this again may change our lives forever.

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MVD hardest working writer on staff, lol

havn’t read it yet though, i’ll comment again when i have

I agree and disagree. It definately is politics, but it has always been about politics. Terrorist leaders know they cannot hope to win a military victory against the US, UK, Frnace whomever, esp. if we choose to recognize and help our alliances. It is about killing as many people as possible, making the biggest commotion and disrupting the government and economics of a country as much as possible.

I dont, however, feel that the people of said countries in times where terrorist attacks are immenent will choose a leader that is LESS capable. Changing leaders is the beauty of democracy, they will change ever fours, six, two years (depending of countries) no matter what the terrorists do. I dont feel that changing leaders is nessisarily the goal of these attacks, and I dont think that this makes a country weaker and more suspetable, in fact, it makes it stronger. New ideas, strategies etc. are what keeps a country moving forward. Plus, its not nessisarily the leader (although that is a big part), but the administration who makes a lot of the difficult choices. For the most part, the people in the US admin. have been largely the same for the past 3 or 4 presidencies. It’s not like an election is a political upheavel and I think its kind of strange that people feel this way.

I mean, if we were to keep the same leaders we would decline into a dictatorship, and then we would have really lost our freedom, and that is exactly what the terrorists want. They want us under control. Every man in the army, every woman under the veil. And by our choice to change leaders who we feel are more capable of handling this delicate situation, we affirm our freedom and our rights as citizens to choose our leader, make changes etc.

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