Enjoy The Silence 6.5

Slipknot/Slayer European Tour review

Yes my friends, I was called up my good hard rocking buddy at 13:15 yesterday afternoon and he asks me a really stupid question. ” How’d you fancy going to see a Slipknot/Slayer gig tonight?” My as normally casual response was “sure”.

In truth I was fucking hopping around like a one legged chicken on viagra (you see, I’d have 2 legs then, so it’s correct). So it comes to 17:30, five hours earlier I was prepared for a night of BPing and some possible Battlefield Vietnam perhaps, but I was now on my way to the Birmingham National Indoor Arena to see 2 of the greatest bands in metal. Oh how I gleefully rubbed my hands together with delight.

We get to the venue (great building) and sadly we missed the first supporting act due to traffic, they went by the name of ‘Mastadon’ and from what we heard went down pretty well. However I was yet again pleasantly surprised to see the next support band were none other than the awesome ‘Hatebreed’. By that stage I was stoked, beer in each hand and rocking away to great tracks like ‘I will be heard’ and their new single ‘Live for this’.

So after Hatebreed left the stage it was a case of hanging loose for around 30mins while the crew set up for Slayer. But when they came on they did not disappoint! I’ve never been quite so impressed with a band’s energy as I was with Slayer, they were relentless! They pumped out a few classics like ‘Bombs away’, ‘Mandatory Suicide’, ‘Angel of Death’ and my personal favourite ‘Seasons In The Abyss’. I was impressed with Slayer although the best was yet to come.

After what seemed like forever Slipknot finally came on stage and I was at this point mesmerised! As much as I like Slipknot I’ve always admittedly been one to criticise them for being a gimmick (the masks etc) and should act like Taylor’s other band Stone Sour but when you see it for yourself it has so much fucking visual impact it’s out of this world. I’ve never been so convinced by a band in my life by the music and the image.

Sadly I was wasn’t familiar with a few of the early songs played as they were from the new album: The subliminal verses, which I yet to purchase but I still rocked my socks off.

A few songs in Corey Taylor was quick to point out that band member Craig Jones was missing due to vital surgery but the band were determined not to let the Euro fans down and continue the tour….. quality!!

Corey Taylor is one scary mother-fucker close up but my god he knows how to play a crowd, they were eating out of his hand! Highlights of the night were hearing a great track from the new album called ‘Three-Nil’, ‘Duality’ and the beautifully performed ‘Vermilion’.

A few classics were thrown in for good measure such as the Heretic Anthem (amazing track live), People = Shit, Wait & Bleed, Spit It Out and my personal favourite Slipknot track ‘Surfacing’ to finish off.

Amazing gig, a few more tour dates are left for any Brits reading this so get yourselves to them,

A much deserved 8/10

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Rockin. I’m not a fan of Mastadon, though many people will swear they’re one of the greatest heavy bands ever. Over here at least. I’m in the same boat as you, as far as critisizing Slipknot. I’ve always liked a few songs here and there, and I do own the s/t as well as Iowa. But never got the masks. After seeing them live at Ozzfest, I quickly changed my tune. If you go to a Slipknot live show and don’t get in to it, you should seriously check your pulse because it’s so much fun. Hatebreed owns, period. I saw them at Ozzfest too and they ruled the second stage. Good review, glad you had a great time.

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