A Sell Out?

(By Guest Author Kate Hepner) If you watch Much Music USA or the Fuse, MTV or MTV2, you may see bands appearing that were well known for years in the underground scene. Bands like AFI, The Donnas and even Taking Back Sunday are coming out with music videos and becoming ever so popular . . […]

Interview: Milea

On February 6th 2003 Guest Reporter Cathy Lewis sat down with Chris, the lead singer of Milea, an up in coming hardcore/emocore band from the New York City area: BP: I don’t know how to start this. Chris: Umm… What exactly are you asking me about, my band right? BP: Okay, what is your favorite […]

Review: Snoop Dogg – "Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$"

(By Guest Author Josh McFly) He’s given up weed, weapons, and his overall distaste for white people. He’s a husband, and a father of two. He’s an owner of his own label, and recently put out his own clothing line. The beats on his album are now done himself (for the most part); our little […]

Review: Bad Astronaut – "Houston, We Have A Drinking Problem"

(By Guest Author Josh McFly) members of lagwagon, ataris, sugarcult Honest Don’s 4 tamales out of 5 tamales Houston We Have a Drinking problem, the third effort (2001 – Acrophobe, 2001 – War of the Worlds/Armchair Martian split) from the Santa Barbara born Bad Astronaut, mixes the flawless precision of Lagwagon, the pop appeal of […]