"Because I said so."

The other day, I was at the zoo, looking at all the beautiful animals. The shiny, grunting pygmy hippos… the fragrant bisons… and lastly, the gibbons (which are long-armed monkies from Africa). I saw them sitting there in the sun, arms stretched out, closing their eyes to the cool breeze that flowed through the park. […]

A Peerless Perspective.

A STORY There once was a man who did something somewhere. He didn’t do it here, though. So if you feel like bringing it up… bite me. WASTED TALENT A while back, I talked about my column on alchoholic musicians. People kept coming up to me with suggestions. But they came to me with people […]

The New Plastic Sound

(Guest Writer Leo Mendoza) Recommended Download: “Dreaming of You” by The Coral Old pop consciousness died slowly in the hands of our generation’s careless intent to accept less. The new musical standard laid it to rest and brought on a myriad of unoriginality and hip nothingness. The nihilistic beat of the Velvets has ceased. Dylan’s […]

The Guitar Shop

(By Guest Author Brendan Seeley) Greetings Fellow BP Alumni! As you know My Name is Brendan Seeley but most of you call me Grimm or that stupid Canadian Kid who never shuts up. Well BP has given me the opportunity to continue to talk and probably cause me to never stop talking, with my own […]

Review: NHL 2004

(By Guest Author Corey Fria) If anybody has played the ea sports NHL series for awhile, you’d notice the the rapaid improvement over the last couple of years. But this year NHL 2004 goes above and beyond the call of duty, brining you the most realistic game ever created. Whether its the fast pace game […]

Interview: The Dropkick Murphys

(Guest Author Rebecca Moyer) Rebecca’s interview w/ James Lynch, guitarist for The Dropkick Murphys: It was a muggy, overcast day in mid august, and the 2003 Warped tour was on its last legs of its summer long run, when I had the chance to catch up with James Lynch, guitarist of Boston based, Irish influenced, […]

Review: The Fad – Number 5

(By Guest Author Chris ‘Maddog’ Malone) Long Island is a rather conventional and unconventional place. Its conventional in the way that it is the epitome of suburbia. People go out and work all day, the kids go to school, and landscapers tend to peoples yards during the day. It is the status quo, and as […]