Review: Snoop Dogg – "Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$"

(By Guest Author Josh McFly)
He’s given up weed, weapons, and his overall distaste for white people. He’s a husband, and a father of two. He’s an owner of his own label, and recently put out his own clothing line. The beats on his album are now done himself (for the most part); our little Snoop Dogg is all grown up.
So who thinks it’s about time he comes out with an album that expresses his growth as an artist as well as a human being (much like pop peers christina aguilera and britney timberlake.. smells like sarcasm)? I don’t.
“right now the way you lookin bitch you fly as fuck
I don’t even know if I done had too much
You play too much, I had to fuck
Cuddled you up and put my hands on your butt
Rubbin your stuff and now your pants full of nut”
-track 6, ‘Lollipop’
Although Snoop’s undying love for the bitches is clearly displayed on this record, he doesn’t ignore the fact that he indeed has a wife. ‘Beautiful’ and ‘I Believe in You’ are some of the songs where Snoop shows his softside for his significant other, a side not often showed on his past efforts. You can also expect to hear other rappers like, Ludacris, Jay-Z, Nate Dogg, Redman, as well as everyones favorite tone deaf cameo, Pharrell (member of the extremely overrated Neptunes).
Overall, this album is much of what you could expect from Snoop. It’s got a beat, and you can dance to it. Unless you can’t dance; then just relax and listen how to mack it to the white bitches. Maybe you’ll learn something, bitch.

Rating – 3/5 Stars