11/02/04 – Judgement Day

Go Vote!

Go vote for peace, vote for our safety, vote for prosperity, vote for our economy, vote for the people outside our communities, vote for our children, vote for our respect, vote for our troops, vote for our future, vote for our jobs, vote for our loved ones, vote for our firemen, vote for our education, vote for our environment, vote for those lost but not forgotten, vote to save democracy, vote to save the bill of rights, vote for sanity, vote for honesty.

Vote to correct a miserable failure.

Please, for yourself, for me, just go vote.

Vote to take back our nation.

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How could you vote for Bush after reading that and thinking about all of those things! At least when Clinton lied, no one died.

10 reasons to vote 4 kerry:

1) Better hair 4 a better America

2) “Newly released transcripts reveal that President Nixon was drunk during the Arab-Israeli crisis of 73′. After hearing this, President Bush said, ‘Hey, so was I!”

3)Save the enviroment plant a BUSH back in Texas!!

4) Practice Abstinence. No Bush, No Dick!

5) Vote 4 Kerry b/c if we put Bush in office for 4 more years we should just nuke ourselves and save time.

6) No one died when Clinton lied.

7) The NY Yankees haven’t won a World Series under a Republican President in 25 years.

8) “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” -Bush

9) Kerry can pronounce “nuclear.”

10)”..and I believe this country’s future belongs to freedom–not fear.” -Kerry

Vote 4 Kerry.””

Another reason to vote for kerry:

Ê”In a global poll, Kerry wins by a landslide. The majority of people in 32 countries–including most of the traditional US allies–prefer Kerry to Bush. Some European countries showed as much as 74% supporting Kerry! Vote for Kerry. Restore the world’s respect for America.”

VoTe FoR kErrY!!!!!!!!!!!

Whilst I totally agree with Tina I wouldn’t preach to anyone to vote for someone they don’t want to. You all should vote as this is the next four years (and possibly more) of your life in the making, look at the options and just vote for who you ‘believe’ will make the lives of a nation and the world a better place.

This ain’t TRL remember!

I just got back from voting. I was there all of 10 minutes. No line at all. Don’t know if we should consider that a bad sign or not.

Just been watching Sky News and seen people queuing around the block to vote at like 8AM! Good sign is I think you got lucky Bino 🙂 You can tell me who you voted after the gig is over, or should I not need to speculate?

I waited 2hr 30mins just to get to talk to a person then another 30mins to be told to leave because they didn’t need volunteers, fuckin Ohio.

“Media Rebellion isn’t telling you who to vote for”

LoL John’s post concludes with “Vote to take back our nation.” Not really murky who he wants you to vote for 😉 I ain’t got no problem with him doing that, but don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining.

The articles reflect the views of the writers as individuals there is nothing wrong with that

i’d welcome you as staff and your opinion and it could be published here just as equally as mine.

MediaRebellion isn’t telling you who to vote for, but i was merely expressing MY opinion… nothing wrong with that 🙂 What you do have on me though is that i havn’t written the about page yet which would include the disclaimer.

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