Soundtrack to Life – "As The Footsteps Die Out Forever" (Part 2 of 2)

(Continued from part 1, which can be found here.) Some folk never forget certain days. Where they were when they heard about JFK. How they remember 9-11. Me, I’ll never forget January 8, 2000. Mom had a tendency to get ill once a year. When she did so, it was always in a big way. […]

I'm JUST Sayin'…

Or: The Point Is Having A Point! There are things known… and things unknown. And in between are The Doors. And some windows. A little bit of conduit for the electrical work, and some various and sundry pipework. Welcome to another record-breaking installment of I’m JUST Sayin’, the column that dares to ask “Is that […]

Shut up and Listen: A column at gunpoint

Howdy folks, it’s Bryan Bishop. Well, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. “Howdy” wouldnt’ be fair to the people who consistantly read my column… I’m more popular in blue states and England. So scrap the howdy. I was sitting at my desk, dozing in an out of sleep, occassionally waking to try and beat my […]

I'm JUST Sayin…

#1 IN A SERIES, COLLECT ‘EM ALL! Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends… Wait, I used that one already. Crud. Ah, well, nevermind. What we got us here is the first ever installment of ‘I’m JUST Sayin,’ your in-depth look into the mind of King Cobra, a.k.a The Lizard King. Though […]

Back in the Day Cafe #4

Sometimes, when you wake up in the morning, you have a wise-ass idea, one that makes you think “What the HELL was *I* smoking?” That, dear friends, is my life. Welcome to another tour of the mind of the Mighty King Cobra, a.k.a. The Lizard King, and this time, it might be vaguely educational, too! […]

Back in the Day Cafe #3

Each of us is driven by one dream… one drive… one ongoing overarching imperative. Mine seems to be accumulating pop culture barnacles the way Roseanne collects chili dogs. As always, our premise: One of the minor plot points of the movie Pulp Fiction, is that the wallet carried by Jules Winnfield is adorned with three […]

In Roy We Trust Part 1

“In Roy We Trust.” This phrase is coming out of the mouths of Carolina basketball fans all over the country. In only his second season as head coach, Roy Williams has reestablished the University North Carolina Tar Heels back atop their pedestal as one of the nation’s top basketball programs. Why were they off that […]

Back in the Day Cafe #2

One of the minor plot points of the movie Pulp Fiction, is that the wallet carried by Jules Winnfield is adorned with three powerful words… Bad. Motha. Fucka. In an ongoing attempt to fill the world with meaningless, yet ever so cool, drivel… I put before you the question: Who Else is Qualified to Carry […]