Wasted Words 29

Hey peoples. It’s me again. I’m gonna drop one last column on you before I head out to vacation this week. Friday afternoon, to be exact. By Saturday afternoon, I’ll be dipping my feet in the Atlantic Ocean in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A couple quick notes before I move on. First off, the news […]

Enjoy The Silence 4

The Link between Sports, TV and Human Behaviour I apologise for the frequency of my last 2 articles but would like to get this one on paper so to speak before i lose my train of thought. Its the summertime! (no shit Matt!) and that can only mean one thing, sports! Now as i have […]

Enjoy The Silence 3

Michael Moore – Patriot or Treasoness? That seems to be the most interesting debate of the moment on the BP boards and something that seems to hit sensitive spots in us all. I for one being English do not know a great deal about Michael Moore, i’ve heard of his books and saw the hilarious […]

Stylistic Reality

There is no compromising the effects of style on an individual, especially a modern American individual. Even the social drop outs who claim to not care in the least about style, avow their individuality through no descript “guilt free” clothing, or clothing that wasn’t made in a foreign sweatshop. From the trendy to the punks […]

Wasted Words 28

What’s up everyone? I’ve got a short column this week, but a column nonetheless. New music: I picked up the Warped Tour 2004 CD the other day, along with Bad Religion’s new album, The Empire Strikes First. The Warped compilation is pretty decent, and at only $4.99, it was well worth it. Most tracks have […]