Wasted Words 28

What’s up everyone? I’ve got a short column this week, but a column nonetheless.

New music: I picked up the Warped Tour 2004 CD the other day, along with Bad Religion’s new album, The Empire Strikes First. The Warped compilation is pretty decent, and at only $4.99, it was well worth it. Most tracks have already been released before, but there are a few new songs from Taking Back Sunday, Flogging Molly, and Simple Plan.

The new Bad Religion album is freakin’ wonderful! I HIGHLY recommend picking it up, especially for you old school BR fans. Even if you’re not an old school BR fan, pick it up and enjoy. Great band, great album, great songs, and some great messages.

Today, I went and bought Underoath, They’re Only Chasing Safety. It’s a pretty damn good album. They’re a Christian hardcore/screamo band on Solid State Records.

New Found GloryCatalyst
2004 Drive-Thru Records

On their fourth full-length release, New Found Glory returns to their roots. Somewhat. While this album has a bit of a harder sound than their last album, Sticks and Stones, there still lurks a ballad here and there. While not necessarily a bad thing, most hardcore NFG fans long for the days of Nothing Gold Can Stay. It’s obvious that the band was attempting to make a statement with this album. With the cover art (cartoon drawings depicting an instant rock star in the making), the intro song (the lyrics, “it’s more than a T-shirt, it’s more than a tattoo”), and the overall feel to the album, they seem to be attempting to distance themselves from other pop-punk bands. They even said in an interview that they were tired of being compared to these other bands. I would like to point out, however, that if you don’t wish to be compared to another band, then going on tour with them probably isn’t the best way to go about it. Just a minor complaint that I have about the album and the statement the band is trying to make. But onto the album itself.

As I said, it definitely has a bit of a heavier sound to it than their previous album, something which should please most old school fans. The band said they wanted to try new things, different sounds, on this album and it shows. The Introduction to the album is a testament to this, as they blast out thirty-seven seconds of lightening fast music, something to which they’re not well-known for. I think they should play at this pace all the time, but that’s just me. The beginning of This Disaster is definitely a bit of metal, though I swear I’ve heard it before and At Least I’m Known For Something contains some hardcore-like breakdowns. They seem to be touching on different topics than the cliche “she left me and broke my heart” stuff they usually write about. No News Is Good News and I Don’t Wanna Know are two examples of this. No News… is a commentary on society in general, and the BS that the news channels constantly pump out while I Don’t Wanna Know appears to be a tale of a sexual encounter. Overall, this is definitely a good album and I feel it’s a step in the right direction for the band. From faster, more upbeat tracks to slower, ballad-like tracks, they have included something for all NFG fans.
Recommended tracks: Over the Head, Below the Knees, This Disaster, At Least I’m Known For Something

I would like to ask all of you to please keep Johny Ramone in your thoughts and prayers. As you may or may not know, he’s in a hospital in Los Angeles, currently battling prostate cancer. I’m not personally a fan of The Ramones music, but I respect what they’ve done for punk rock and music in general. It’s always a sad thing to hear about stuff like this.

Upcoming releases:

June 29
Alexisonfire Watch Out!
Unearth HThe Oncoming Storm
Atreyu The Curse

July 13
Funeral For A Friend Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation
Zao Funeral For God
Sparta – Porcelain

July 20
Dillenger Escape Plan Miss Machine

Thank you for reading. Until next time, I’m out.

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solid article, i like the format of the info and review combined i definitly agree with much of your take on catalyst though i think you miss that the “instant rock star” thing that is going on is really sort of talking about the destruction of the person’s humanity as the cost of superstardom, the loss of friends and the loss on innocense. That alone garnered a lot of new respect for them in my eyes.

The artwork is brilliant and the album is quality.. they’ve returned to their old sound and style but kept the whineyness of jordan’s voice and, well i can live with that compromise.

I heard somewhere that there is a movielife cover on the album… though i’m not too familier with them so i’m not sure which it would be, maybe thats the familierarity you picked up on in this disaster… i dunno, i could be entirely wrong.

Anyway solid piece this week, i’m definitly a fan.

sweet article. and i totally agree, the br album fucking rocks!!!i absolutely love “feed them war” or whatever it’s called…

nfg is pretty good as well, a nie blend of thier old and new stuff, although jordan’s voice stil annoys the shit out of me.

i enjoyed reading as always!!

Thanks for the comments.

I haven’t heard anything about a Movielife cover on the album. The beginning of This Disaster reminds me of a metal song I’ve heard, I just can’t place my finger on it.

Good Stuff dude. I love it … quick to the point, gives us a total feel of what’s going on and honest opinion.

Like John, I am a fan.

Dude, you should do a review on “The Silence In Black And White” from Hawthorne Heights.

I probably would, if I had it. I haven’t bought it yet. Punknews.org has a review up on it, but they’re a bunch of dicks over there and give most albums bad reviews. lol

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