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Hello everyone. You know, I was thinking the other day about my column here at Baloola Palooza. It’s getting kinda stale. I mean, there’s already countless news sites out there who post a lot of the same info I write about. So I was thinking of things that I could do to refresh it, make it a little better. You know what I came up with? Nothing. No ideas at all. But rest assured, I’ll think of something. If there’s anything you, the readers, would like to see here then drop me a comment or an email. I’m definitely open for suggestions.

I was dropping off some show flyers at the record store yesterday, and picked up a couple CDs. I found both of them used, for $5.99 each. I got No Use For A Name More Betterness and Snapcase Bright Flashes. The No Use album is great, but I’ve yet to listen to the Snapcase disc. I’m sure it’s wonderful as well, every other album I’ve heard is great. I received Rise Against The Unrraveling in the mail last week. I ordered it from the Fat Wreck website. Great album, though their second release Revolutions Per Minute blows it away. Then again, RPM blows most albums away, so it’s to be expected. I just received the Rock Against Bush compilation in the mail today. I only heard one song that I didn’t like, which was Ministry, No W. I just don’t care for it. Standout tracks include Rise Against Give It All, Anti-Flag The School of Assassins, and NOFX Jaw, Knee, Music. Also, to my surprise, I’m really digging the RX Bandits track on this compilation. It’s a reggae-styled track called Overcome(The Recapitulation), which starts out slow but continually gets faster. I recommend everyone go out and buy this compilation now. I’ve watched some of the DVD that is included with the CD. There are four music videos; NOFX Franco Un-American, Anti-Flag Turncoat, Bad Religion Sorrow, and Strike Anywhere Infrared. I also watched the stand up comedy routine by David Cross. It only runs about 10 to 15 minutes long, but it’s hilarious and well worth the time spent watching it.

Thrice and Dashboard Confessional will be CO-headlining the Civic Tour this spring. The Get Up Kids will be opening the show on all dates. Other opening acts will include Motion City Soundtrack, Head Automatica, Say Anything, Hot Water Music, and The Format.

On June 8, Alexisonfire will be releasing their second album, Watch Out. At this point, the album will only be released in Canada and no American release date has been announced. Here is the track list for the album…
1. Accidents
2. Control
3. It Was Fear For Myself That Made Me Odd
4. Side Walk When She Walks
5. Hey, It’s Your Funeral Mama
6. No Transitory
7. Sharks And Danger
8. That Girl Possessed
9. White Devil
10. Get Fighted
11. Happiness By The Kilowatt

A movie about Kurt Cobain is currently in the works. The WB network has recently acquired the rights to a biography of Cobain, Heavier Than Heaven and have hired a writer to adapt a movie script based on the biography. Hopefully it’s better than the Kurt and Courtney documentary I watched a few weeks ago.

SideOneDummy has posted the track listing to the Warped Tour 2004 compilation. The double disc set, due out June 8, will feature new tracks from Taking Back Sunday, Flogging Molly, and others. You can check out the full track list on the SideOneDummy website. It should probably be a low price as the past albums have been, usually $6.99.

Three reasons July will rule for me…
1) I’ll be attending the Vans Warped Tour in Indianapolis
2) The Used will be releasing their new album
3) New Taking Back Sunday album

Thank you for reading. Until next time, I’m out.

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A friend of mine told me that if the rock against bush CD took #1 on the indie charts CNN would agreed to cover their tour and their major concert in NYC, i don’t know how it’s done but it sounds promising.

You should really check out the alkaline trio/one man army split that just came out, i remember you mentioning a while back, it’s pretty good. The songs are a little light and no so reflective of the Trio’s stuff but it still rocks.

I picked up the reissue of Bad Religion’s 1989 “No control” holy shit if you don’t have it get it… awesome.

Warped tour… in july? damn you get it early

And now… as for new column idea? I could see how you could feel this article to be obsolete especially given the news stuff i plan to add that you know about.

That being said, I’m at a loss, I havn’t a concept in the world… I still really enjoy wasted words myself but I’m not sure where you should take it… maybe something a bit more personal? hmmm think about i, i’ll think too and try and have something to throw at you asap.

July, early? Hell, last year Warped in Indy was in June.

No Control? Do I have it? Dude, this is the album that got me into Bad Religion. It’s one of my favorite albums EVER. No Control, Change of Ideas, You, I Want to Conquer the World…holy shit, every song on the album is great!

wow!! awesome fucking column this week. i think you should keep the news stuff, it’s nice to have staple music and entertainment news, even if you think it is stale. if you want to add a twist that’s cool, but i would take anything out of what you are doing now.

i’m officially going to buy more betterness. i have two nufn cd’s their latest and one of thier old ones when they used to be a really bad hard core band. i love thier punk stuff… like, i really love it. but after buying that hard core cd i’m not sure what to trust. i was reading the descriptions of fat wreck and almost bought more betterness but then realized that those fuckers dont take amex. well i now have my very own visa so i will def. pick it up. thanks!!

oh yeah. rock against bush only came in at no. 5, beat out by fucking Hanson of all things. fucking losers. anyway, i totally agree, the album is kick as minus the ministry, but like you said, it’s a taste thing. scary though, john totally got into the epoxies (i have to admit i did myself)… but he’s going total ’80’s new wave on me!!

anyways, kick ass and keep up the good work!!

I haven’t heard any other No Use albums, just different songs on comps. Coming Too Close is my favorite of the ones I’ve heard, it’s on More Betterness. I originall heard it on one of the Fat comps though. I never knew they were a hardcore band though. That’s rather odd.

The Epoxies track was kinda blah, but I got into it. I’ve definitely heard worse. The Rock Against Bush volume 2 comp sounds pretty interesting too. Bad Religion, Yellowcard, Foo Fighters, The Used, and more. It’s supposed to be out in August, which happens to be the month of my birthday. *wink wink*

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