Wasted Words 25

Hello everyone. Welcome to my little corner of, well, whatever it is. You know what I don’t like? Arrogant, conceited people. Like, when someone drops some constructive criticism in your direction, take it for what it’s worth and make the needed changes. Be a man about it, rather than blowing up over the whole ordeal. That just makes things worse than they really need to be and nothing gets accomplished. Running away doesn’t make it go away either, it just makes you look like a fool. Be careful of the bridges you burn. With that said, enjoy.

Epitaph has set the release date for the ninth installment of the Punk-O-Rama compilation series, for June 8. Rather than a two disc set, as it was last year, it will be a CD/DVD combo. The DVD will feature videos from Matchbook Romance, Horrorpops, Atmosphere, and other Epitaph artists. You can view the tracklisting and artwork by visiting the Epitaph Records website.

Head on over to Anti-Flag.com and read Justin Sane’s commentary on the Media. He makes some great points, and gives several alternative outlets for your news.

I don’t know about any of you, but I can’t wait for the Rock Against Bush album, which comes out April 20 on Fat Wreck Chords. That’s this coming Tuesday, knuckle heads. The album features 26 tracks, 17 of which are unreleased. The compilation includes bands such as Anti-Flag, Less Than Jake, New Found Glory, NOFX, Alkaline Trio, Against Me, and many more. What’s even better is, the compilation will also come with a DVD that will feature music videos, political trailers, and much more. What’s even better than that? As the title, Rock Against Bush, implies, this album is about spreading the word about George Bush, and letting kids know what a douche bag he is. Not only do you get some kick ass songs by some kick ass bands, but it’s for a good cause to! Oh yeah, and if you order if from the Fat Wreck web site, you get a free Rock Against Bush bumper sticker. You can also view the e-card here.

Also out on April 20, Brazil The Hostage and The Meaning Of Life on Fearless Records. Right now they’re touring with Funeral For A Friend and Coheed & Cambria, and I just know they’re representing Muncie, Indiana to the fullest.

Method Man has a new album on the way. Due out May 18, Tical 0: The Prequel, will be Meth’s first solo album since 1998. The album will feature many guest spots, including some of hip hops brightest stars such as Snoop Dogg, Redman, Ludacris, and other Wu Tang members. Unfortunately, the album also features a guest spot by Chingy, as well as P. Diddy.

Finch are currently in the studio recording their second album. Look for it in stores sometime this summer.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, I’m out.

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i’m going to go read justin’s commentary now

have you heard his solo album

i have it it’s pretty decent.

oh the hilarity of it all. I know I havent been around lately but i heard all about it and let me tell you… you phrased that very nicely. Aaaron the diplomat!

anyway… yeah i cant wait to get over to Anti-Flag.com, i havent been there in quite sometime, thanks for the hint. also i cant wait for the Rock Against Bush album, i will def. have to pick it up!! great article as always. like i’ve sadi a million times, idk what i would do for decent music related news w/o you!

I haven’t heard Justin’s solo album, though I’d really like to. I heard it’s an acoustic album, yes? I’m definitely gonna have to check it out.

Thanks for the comments peeps!

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