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Hello everyone. Welcome to your weekly dose of Wasted Words. The column’s a bit late, due to a pretty hectic week taking place within my life. I’m sure you when you all logged on to BP.com and saw my article wasn’t up on Wednesday night, you panicked, right? Right. I’m so glad it’s Thursday and getting closer to my weekend off of work. Saturday, I’ll be attending the Dead Leaf Festival. It’s an all day show which will feature many local Muncie bands as well as some not-so-local bands. The headlining band is Florida Death Metal band, Monstrosity. Death Metal isn’t usually my thing, but it’ll be interesting to see how these guys are. If nothing else, I’m sure the pit will be pretty brutal. Oblique will also be playing. This should be a great way to end a pretty eventful week. Anyway, enough about my BS, on with the news.

April 6 will be a great day to go out and by some CD’s. Why, you ask? Because Epitaph is releasing completely remixed and remastered Bad Religion albums. The albums to be reissued include, 1982s How Could Hell Be Any Worse, 1987s Suffer, 1989s No Control(this album will own you), 1990s Against the Grain, and 1992s Generator. The band will also be releasing a DVD on the same date, titled Along the Way

Good news for Vaux. The band recently inked a deal with Atlantic records. If you’ve not checked this band out, I highly recommend doing so. Set it to Blow would be a good song to start out with.

These days, it seems everyone’s doing an acoustic album. Godsmack, apparently, is no different. Look for their acoustic EP to be released on March 16.

Hip-Hop act, The Pharcyde, will be releasing their first album in four years. The album, titled Humboldt Beginnings, is set for release sometime in April. For those who don’t remember this group, they had a decent bit of commercial success with two of their singles. Passing Me By from 1992s Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde and Runnin’ from 1995’s Labcabincalifornia, both of which are excellent songs from excellent albums. Oh Shit, I’m the Type of Nigga, and On the D.L. are also some great songs by these guys.

Despite what most people would call a flop, with their first album Devil’s Night, D12 are set to release a second album. Title, D12 World, the album is set for release in April and will feature cameos by 50 Cent among others. I wouldn’t call their first album a flop, but I suppose by industry standards, it was. I, personally, thought it was a great album. Check it out.

Okay, what is it with all these artists going to jail? Mystikal is arrested for rape. Tony Yayo is back in jail only two weeks after being released. He was caught with a forged passport. C Murder was arrested and found guilty of murder. Turk, from the Hot Boys, was arrested with attempted murder after shooting two police officers. Michael Jackson…well, we all know what’s going on there. Can’t forget about R Kelly’s situation. Now, R&B singer Faith Evans was arrested for drug possession. Is this the new fad or something? Is it cool to go to jail now? Coming from someone who’s been there, no, it’s definitely not cool to go to jail. It sucks, really. Be good damnit!

Thanks for reading. Until next time, I’m out.

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“C Murder was arrested and found guilty of murder”

hahaha, the irony is killing me!!! lol, sorry i couldnt resist

and dont forget about James Brown being charged with Battery after alledgedly throwing his wife to the ground during an arguement

Yeah, they were talking about James Brown on tv this morning when I woke up. I totally forgot about it.

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