THE GUT: The Butterfly Effect

Ok so it is a week before the super bowl and BP’s sports columnist is writing a movie review? To quote The Hurricane, “Whatsupwitdat?” Well that should tell you something about this movie. This movie was so good that it inspired me to do something that the super bowl, Pete Rose, or Jamior Jagr getting traded to the Rangers couldn’t do. It got me to write a column.

First off I know what you were thinking about Ashton Kutcher in a serious role. I know because I was thinking the same thoughts. Can he really pull this off or is this gonna be the Truman show all over again? Well the answer is a surprising yes he can pull it off. The combination of he and Amy Smart is a surprisingly good one. The way she pulls off having so many different personalities is astonishing and throughout the movie you get this feeling that Ashton’s character really loves Amy’s no matter what persona she takes on.

Now I have never written a movie review, and I don’t read them because in my opinion they are always wrong, so I’m not to sure how to get my point a crossed about how good this movie is without giving too much away but here goes. Ashton plays Evan Treborn, a young man with a unique ability to read his journal and go back to the point that he is reading. He falls in love with Kayleigh Miller (Amy Smart) at a young age but is forced to move away from her. Years later he goes back to his hometown to find her and he brings up some bad memories that she suppressed and sends her off the deep end. So in an attempt to fix things he goes back in to that point in their lives and tries to fix things. Somehow or another whenever he fixes something he makes something else worse. This movie really drives home the point that no matter how bad things are, they can always be worse. It is a point that I think I really needed to hear and we all could learn a little something from.

In closing I would like to say that I gave a friend of mine a money back guarantee. He didn’t think it was gonna be good so I told him to go see it and if he didn’t like it that I would refund his money. That’s how highly I thought of this very powerful movie and I recommend everyone out there who loves someone to take them to see this movie. It changed my outlook on things and it might change yours too.

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Eh, you got 3 of ’em right at least. I was in the other room when I heard Takers gong, and I ran into the living room to see…nothing. I was hoping to see him come walking out. Foley was a nice touch though.

I’m glad Benoit won the Rumble, I just hope they finally give him the belt at Wrestlemania. It’s long over due.

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