The Gut: Armageddon

This is a special edition of the gut, with a very special co-author in Bear F’N Frazer. We will both be discussing the WWE pay-per view Armageddon. This is an entertainment site and I never see articles about my favorite type of entertainment, wrestling! How this will work is Bear and I will each have our own opinion about each match, so enjoy

Trish and Lita vs. Chris Jericho and Christian

Bears Pick: Well Hec, I am going to have to pick Jericho and Christian. I say this because these two chicks can’t get the job done. The only thing we will see tonight is Jericho and Christian stripping them of their pride, and hopefully their clothes. The pick: The Alpha-Males

Hec’s pick: I’m pretty sure I have to agree with Bearmon here. I love Trish and Lita but if they beat the first undisputed world champion in Jericho and the 132165451564 time tag team champion in Christian it is going to be a sad day. However if you know Vince like I do, you know that he is always going for shock value. I just can’t see the WWE having Trish and Lita win here, but then again I never thought I would see the Big show win the world title either and he did. I am picking the alpha males as well but won’t be shocked when I am wrong.

Tag Team Turmoil

Bears pick: For the Tag Team Turmoil Match, you got some great teams. You got the Dudley Boys, who are just incredible, perhaps my favorite team. Val Venis and Lance Storm, former champs, and Cade and Jindrak are being pushed to the moon. But, there is only one team who can take home the gold, and that is the Resident Super Hero, Hurricane and Rosey. Hopefully, by the end of the night, Rosey will no longer be a Super Hero In Training! The Pick: Team Super-Hero!

Hec’s pick: Well it appears that Mr. Bear and I agree again. Maybe we only agree because everyone knows I mark out big time for the Hurricane, after all I dress like him for Halloween. And everyone dressed like him at John’s birthday party! But I do see this as the time for the WWE and Vince to push these two great wrestlers. When Shane Helms (the Hurricane) was in WCW he was the man! He is so talented and as much as I love the Hurricane gimmick, I feel like it is restricting his ability. Let him hit someone with the vertibraker!

Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Damn

Bears pick: RVD is my favorite pothead, I mean wrestler, and there is no doubt in my mind that he is the most talented around. But, with the constant compliments of Randy Orton, I think he has got this one, as long as Ric Flair is around. Hopefully, RVD will gun for the World Title when it is all said and done: The Pick: Randy Orton

Hec’s pick: Bear my friend I am going to disagree with you here, only because I know some of the WWE politics and RVD wont challenge for the world title because he bitched on the radio about not getting a push so I don’t think Vince will Reward him with one. It would be great seeing RVD with the world title but I don’t see it happening any time soon.

Booker T vs. Mark Henry

*note this match shouldn’t happen so I’m not commenting, I am just gonna completely agree with Bear!

Bears and Hec’s pick: Mark Henry is fat … too fat. Plus his dreads are gay. The pick – Booker T

Shawn Michaels vs. Batista

Bears pick: Honestly, HBK is an anorexic midget. He is 3 feet tall and weighs 75 ounces. No way will he beat a colossal giant who is ripped full of 800 pounds, pure muscle. Batista is the type of guy I am scared of meeting in an alley, and this Texas Boy will get rattled to death! Bottom line is this: Batista is gonna smack Shawn Michaels around like Joey Butafueco did to Amy Fisher. The Pick � Batista

Hecs Pick: HBK maybe smaller than Batista but he is the best performer the WWE has. He may not be what he use to be but he is still right up there with what they have. I love batista, he is a monster of a man someone like Bear said I don’t want to meet in an alley. I think this match along with the Orton-RVD match are gonna steal the show tonight. I’m going to have to say that HBK takes this match because I never bet against him.

Kane vs. Goldberg vs. HHH

Bears pick: HHH is done for a while. He has tried and failed. Move over HHH, because your show is done. Goldberg … he is too hairy to hold the title. He had a good run, but it’s about time he fights someone else like Doink the Clown or the Boorklyn Brawler. I am going for the underdog. See, the man who I think will win is big, red, smelly, and ugly; Kane. That’s the man who I want as my World Champion. And then, he can feud RVD (like they should have done years ago) and RVD can make Kane hit the trees harder than Sonny Bono! WHOOSH! The Pick � Kane

Hecs pick: I just want to say I love Goldberg, believe the hype!!! HHH is just wearing old on me, I would be one of the few to be very happy if they brought back Degeneration X cause I miss old HHH. I think the WWE made a big mistake when they gave Kane the belt, not because they gave it to him but because they took it away after 1 day. Lets hope they make up for that mistake and give it back to him.

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Kick Ass Gut, especially with us doing it.

Once I saw what you said with Mark Henry, I lost it. It’s all true, baby!

Keep it up Hec, you rock. We both were 50% tonight too. High Five, I think we need to do this for the Rumble as well, kind of like Sportscenter, but for wrestling events.


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