Review: Drive-Thru Records DVD Vol. 1

After seeing this in the stores quite a bit, and debating on buying it, I went for it. I purchased the Drive Thru Records DVD, and I must say, I’m glad that I did. For starters, it contains over 3 hours of footage, and for $14.99, that’s not bad at all. It contains music videos, live footage, interviews, and home videos from most of the Drive Thru Records bands.

My favorite thing on this DVD would have to be an acoustic version of Letters to You by Finch. I really enjoy the song, and I really enjoy acoustic songs, so this was quite a treat for me. Something else on here that’s pretty cool, is the video for the original version of Hit or Miss by New Found Glory. This is the version off of the Nothing Gold Can Stay album, and in my opinion the better version. The video is made out to look like the tv show Cops, only it’s called NFG. It’s got Corey Feldman dressed as a Police Officer, and he’s driving around busting the NFG guys for various offenses. Only, instead of arresting them, he kicks their ass with his nightstick. It ends with a greasy wifebeater wearing Jordan, getting beatdown for a spousal abuse. A live performanace of Ender by Finch is on here, and it’s pretty damn rockin. These guys seem like they put on a kick ass show. I hope I get the chance to see them someday. There’s also live footage and videos from The Starting Line, Allister, Homegrown, Something Corporate, and many other Drive-Thru bands.

There’s a hilarious hotel room interview with Allister. The guys are totally trashed and acting really stupid. It made for a very funny “interview.” The funiest thing on the DVD is the home videos located in the Bonus section of the DVD. It’s really nothing more than 45 minutes of footage showing the Drive-Thru bands acting like jackass’s.

My only complaint about the DVD is a minor one. There isn’t much New Found Glory stuff on it. I’m sure that’s because NFG have already released their own DVD, so no need to overload this one with them. Overall, I give this DVD a 3 star rating. If you’re a fan of any of the Drive-Thru Records bands, you should definately get this.

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