Review: Amerikaz Nightmare – Mobb Deep

The alert level has just been raised in the hip-hop world. In a summer where New York emcees have dominated the radio, the Queensbridge duo of Prodigy and Havoc, otherwise known as Mobb Deep, unleashed Amerikaz Nightmare, their sixth studio album.

These men should be considered armed and dangerous. There are three things on their minds: violence, women and money. Listen to their hot single, “Got It Twisted,” and you’ll find out they mean business. Right from the start of the song, you can hear Havoc spit over an eerie beat, “Ain’t no party once we crash the party/I’mma squeeze shorty then vacate the party/You keep grillin’, I’ll pump-pump the shotty/Put you in the trunk, then dump-dump the body.” In addition to that, the Queensbridge duo discuss their constant obsession with material possessions in the old-school sounding “Flood The Block” and brag about their flashy cars and dazzling women in “Shorty Wop.”

Don’t get the wrong idea; Mobb Deep cares about society too. “Neva Change” is a calm, eye-opening song where Havoc and Prodigy talk about some never-ending generational problems, such as the lack of family. They spit, “Mama’s didn’t take care of their kids, they let ’em roam/And you can see how he or she gonna be when they get grown.”

Mobb Deep didn’t record this album alone; there are multiple guest appearances. Nate Dogg sings the hook on “Dump,” Twista spits on the “Got It Twisted Remix,” Jadakiss raps on “One of Ours Part II” and Lil’ Jon adds some flavor on “Real Gangstaz.”

It’s obvious Mobb Deep has plans to become some of the biggest players in hip-hop and could use any means necessary in completing their task. Although we didn’t learn much about Havoc and Prodigy on a personal level, Amerikaz Nightmare shows their brutal side. Mobb Deep is back ladies and gentlemen … thanks for the wake-up call.

Mobb Deep: Amerikaz Nightmare
Rating: 3 Stars
Record Label: Jive

3 replies on “Review: Amerikaz Nightmare – Mobb Deep”

Mobb Deep is cool. I can’t say I’ve heard this new albun of theirs, but I will definitely check it out. I liked their older stuff, and it’ll be interesting to see how it compares with their new stuff. Hell on Earth was awesome, so was Hey Love, and I can’t remember what that other song was called… uh, Burn i think.

But yea, cool sheit and having Nate and Twista on board is an added bonus.

Peace Out yo

I haven’t heard anything from MD since “the infamous”, and that disk is still one of my favorite rap disks to date.

I tried listening to some of the later disks, but nothing ever caught my ear.

Good review though. I might have to check out the new one.

This album is nasty, pure gangsta man. I love the flava of all the different songs very well thought out beats and production. I like ‘bustin ya hammer’ they added a few bonus tracks which top off this cd. I don’t expect bad reviews, mobb deep is back but have evolved with the change in sound of today’s music. They still have ol skool flava on their joints and their team up with lil jon is nasty! i give this album a solid 4 mics!


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