Grand Opening

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to formally welcome each and everyone of you to As you all may have or may not have been aware of, the forums have been open since my birthday, on October the 26th, 2002. So, without further a dui, I have been waiting to say this … FINALLY, BALOOLAPALOOZA HAS COME TO YOUR COMPUTER!!!
Ok, I know I’m not the Rock, but it’s cool just to say this. is your number one source for entertainment. We plan on making this one of the most free-spirited, most fun, funkiest, and coolest places around. We plan on starting of slowly with just music news because music is one big industry to cover. If we get more popularity and more of a staff, then phase two of our plan will kick in, which will be introducing video games, and then movies, and so forth.
The BaloolaPalooza Mission is quite simple … the point of this existence is to make a fun environment where individuals such as you reading this can learn more about the bands you like, what’s going on in the music scene, and how you can support your favorite musicians. This experience is about helping out artists succeed in their dream of being stars and at the same hand, help you, the individual reading this, be more experienced in what’s going on out there.
This place has started out of just a community of friends, talking about the most influence in their lives … music. Look at us now … we’ve grown into a full operating site.
To any band supporter, to any aspiring guitarist, to any idealist, heck, to any groupie … basically, what I am saying is this. To any music fan out there that never felt like they could be apart of a site and make a damn impact, I’m giving you the chance to make an impact of your own. Join me … join J … join the BaloolaPalooza Family. If you want to write, we’ll give you the outlet, just put the plug in. If you want to interact, we got the message board where you can voice your mind. We have a message board and everyone is a friendly person, just looking to have a good time. I just want you all to realize … this community, this place rather is made up of music lovers like you and I. We are the people that go to the concerts, the people that visit artist’s websites, and the people who aspire to learn what’s out there. This is all about people. If you find something out, please tell us. If you wanna join us, please ask us. If you wanna help us out in anyway you can, please help us. If there is something you would like to say or do, then voice it. That means anyone, meaning any music fan reading this right now, all the way to the artist. Please, join BaloolaPalooza and please, help us make an impact.
-Bear Frazer
Co-Owner of